Bea’s Book Reviews: Lollygagging About Lovecraft



*Books featured in this video-

The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft edited by Leslie S. Klinger with an introduction by Alan Moore.

  • This book is absolutely amazing, filled to burst with most of Lovecrafts’ stories, well-known and otherwise with informative and insightful annotations which contextualises and deconstructs every tale in addition to an extensive listings of films and audio recordings of Lovecrafts’ stories, close to 300 illustrations found through the tome with various other bibs and bobs regarding the universe created by the man and of the man himself. INCREDIBLE book, a must for any fan.

Necronomicon Commemorative Edition: The Best Weird Tales Of H.P. Lovecraft


For the short time I have spent on this planet made of unpredictable variables, I feel there are only four certain truths- birth, taxes, death and the Promethean, eldritch influence Howard Philips Lovecraft has had upon the art of literary horror. By no means the only trailbazer in the genre it inhabits, there is no way of escaping Lovecraft or his dimensional bastard pantheon of children. While Cthulhu has became a pop culture joke, the true power of H.P.’s work comes from his unnerving focus that the place of human beings in this wide, expansive universe we inhabit does not even warrant a single shred of consideration from the innumerable number of Old Gods and their unholy kith who reside just beyond our plain of insignificant existence.

Conjure up any contemporary horror author from Stephen King to Clive Barker and you will realise very quickly just how essential and instrumental Lovecraft has been in the realm of creative arts and sciences. Not only have our writers been bitten by the Lovecraft Bug, but also prominent directors, not the least of which being the likes of Guillermo Del Toro, John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson but to name a few. You can see ample evidence of this inspiration in the films these men have made, if not directly then indirectly referenced.

Want another example of the might of Lovecraft? Consider H.R. Gigers’ infamous Necronomicon (Necronomicon by the way being one of Lovecrafts’ original creations in the form of a book filled with forbidden knowledge), a tome featuring a showcase of work that unnervingly fuses the biomechanical with the near supernatural. The psychosexual, disturbing element portrayed within Gigers’ designs are a product of the artist citing Lovecrafts’ world of incomprehension and distrust of something that cannot be explained by the human tongue which summons forth sensations of madness and willingness to give over to that intangible horror which has ensnared our minds and bodies which may be easily broken.

Truth is, there is absolutely no escape from this author as well as his contributions and I, among many, gleefully submit… precisely what the Old Ones would want.



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