[Bea’s Reviews] Star Wars: The Force Awakens [2015]



As you can perhaps surmise, this video offers more of an opinion than an actual in-depth film review. The Force Awakens is a return to form for a franchise that had until recently suffered a rocky road (though Star Wars Rebels is a wonderful show and addition to the universe). Now, does that make it absolutely amazing? No, in fact, the film like any other falls short in several areas, namely the key story elements and basic character beats, several murky plot notions (never thought I would say this, but I wanted a little more explanation of the political front regarding the rise and influx of the First Order) not to mention some of the more unreal characters could have benefited from more practical effects (i.e. Maz Kanata) and a total lack of Captain Phasma committing acts of badassery. BUT, where The Force Awakens excels is the fact this is a ritual of passing the fire over from the old to the new, one generation graciously stepping by for another all the while remaining faithful and respectful to the previous tales of the space opera that could.

This new chapter embraces what came before as well as foster what is to come. The principal cast are fit and able for the task, with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac (whose display hearkens back to Errol Flynn circa the 1930s with his dashing show as Poe Dameron) and Adam Driver heading the charge, all of them are willing to put themselves forward and most importantly are not afraid. The Force Awakens is the first chapter in a new saga and if you were left wanting to know more answers at the end of the movie- congratulations, you got the point. A saga keeps you on your toes, curious, hungry to see what comes next and something tells me Episodes 8 and 9 are gonna be just as huge events as this genesis.

Bring it, Disney. BRING IT.


This guy totally stole Phasma’s thunder but hey, we got a bitchin’ meme so it balances out.



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