Bea’s Experience With ‘Star Wars’ – A personal opinion



Star Wars is important, you don’t need me of all people to tell you that, but rather than review and critique the series up to this point (and let’s face it, could I honestly add anything that hasn’t already been said about the movies?) I’m going to offer you a very personal insight as to how I define the series.

This isn’t going to be a gasbag about George Lucas ‘raping my childhood’ or vehement criticizing of the prequel films or any of the typical mud that gets slung when Star Wars enters a conversation. This video is about how the themes of this monumental space opera have affected me on an intimate level and by extension how it appeals to our psychology as a species.

The galaxy far, far away did not just profoundly penetrate the barrier of cinema and media-based expectations, the story it tells and the characters who play a part is a cipher for US. Although we have science and technology to support our claims and our aspirations, our psychological natures, desires and our lives are translated and placed on the big screen for us to see with lightsabers taking the place of bills.



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