[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Hellsing Ultimate OVA [2006-2012] by Bea Harper


One of my passions, one of my loves, one of my inspirations, Hellsing has been a crucial part of my creative life and as a fan of the vampire genre AND Dracula, this was a match made in Heaven according to me when I was first introduced into it’s work all of those years ago. I have been anxiously awaiting a long time to review this and I’ve finally given in and I now offer up my thoughts one of my personal fandoms.

On the surface, Hellsing Ultimate is an all out, unapologetic shock orchestra of blood, gore and ghastly goings on, but it is equally filled with moments of genuine drama, humor (sudden chibis, anybody?) and more than a little bit of heart… both inside and outside of the body. I could not bring it on myself to ruin any of the greater details for you or the rich and varied cast of characters (and trust me, they ARE characters by golly) but allow me to put these few notions forward- vampires and Nazis. Vampires and Nazi vampires. Vampires KILLING Nazi vampires. When was the last time you saw THAT happen? With a deeply interesting and diverese lore to boot, and quite frankly an overall luscious eye for detail in terms of animation, sound design and voice acting (the English dub is more than respectable if I do say so) Hellsing Ultimate has it all if you consider yourself a fan of horror, the series by Hirano-san or anime in general. Highly recommended and goes down best with a drop of red wine… or something else.


Dramatis Personae

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing


The tough, super-competent, peerless and androgynously gorgeous head of the Hellsing Organization who is also the current designee of the Hellsing Organization. A Knight of the Round Table, and undisputed master of Alucard. A capable leader, master strategist and classically educated in ways of war and diplomacy, she never fails to inspire firece respect and devotion from her collegues and soldiers. Is not afraid to overstep her boundaries if needs be.



The sanguinous and sinful Hellsing trump card, OP demon motherfucker and damned True Undead who serves Hellsing — specifically, Integra. Nearly unbeatable and generally psychotic, yet as it is with all warriors there are chinks in his armor, chinks that present themselves as time goes on. Adores murder, sadomasochism, victim humiliation and Big Fucking Guns and the colour red. Is totally Dracula.

Seras Victoria


The a young, clever and rather voluptuous police officer, who in a moment of desperate survival allowed Alucard to turn her into a creature of the night. At first she is shy to abide by her vampiric nature, but as time goes on and circumstances beyond her control present themselves, she becomes something bigger than she could have ever anticipated. Has a very dark past and is, for lack of a better term, the human anchor of the story. She’s fantastic. 

Walter Dornez


Unflappable and absolutely upper crust British valet of the Hellsing family who serves Integra without question and has a strong bond with Alucard that spans several decades. A master of arms and strategy, this is Alfred Pennyworth in steroids. A man of his word and passionate about his work, he will nonetheless break out the mean if Integra or the Organization is threatened, namely in the form of his infamous Killer Floss. Badass old man.

Enrico Maxwell


 The fanatical zealot head of the Iscariot Organization. Never seen without the most unctuous smirks upon his face, gloating his superiority over Hellsing and in particular Integra. He is a man who has deep-seated compensation issues and like Donald Trump, he sees omnipotent power as a means of gaining omnipotent respect. Gorgeous long silver hair.

Alexander Anderson


Iscariot’s ace up the sleeve, the Iscariot Organization’s answer to Alucard and an scientifically augmented into a regenerator: extremely tall, blonde, green-eyed, Anderson has the annoying ability to  heal bullet wounds in seconds, regrow lost limbs and pull an infinite supply of pieservers bayonets from the fourth dimension… or something along those lines, they don’t really specify, but who cares?! Fights like a berserker when vampires are around, although he’s capable of sharp insights when his mind is clear. In his spare time, he takes care of orphans. Like actually takes care of them. Errr… how cute?


Bonus material


Alucard_boa HellsingV2C6_12 alucard_leid walter_slices



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