[A.J. and Bea’s Review Exchange] House On Haunted Hill [1959]


Dir.: William Castle

Starring: Vincent Price and Carol Omhart (let’s face it, they are the only two that count)

Cheesey, dated and not the least bit serious, schlock master William Castle’s House On Haunted Hill keeps its head above acid with a delicious snide double act performance from Price and Omhart as spiteful spouses Fredrick and his fourth wife Annabelle Loren, both incredibly conniving, both incredibly snide yet utterly compatible for each other. When Fredrick invites five total strangers to a mansion for a “haunted house” party for his wife, the only stipulation is that everybody stays in the house for one night to earn $10,000. Of course, best laid plans…  oh, and sexism. Loooooots of sexism.



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