[A.J And Bea’s Review Exchange] The Revenge of Frankenstein [1958] by Bea Harper


Dir.: Terrence Fisher

Starring: Peter Cushing, Francis Matthews, Michael Gwynn and Eunice Gayson

Doctor Frankenstein, despite facing certain death for his past crimes obviously didn’t learn a single solitary thing when it comes to scientific ethics and playing God. Taking place minutes after where the first film left of, we join Victor and victims friends on a brand new foray courtesy of a returning Peter Cushing as the malevolent medico and under Fishers’ competent direction a new world of perversion is uncovered. Although relatively tame by today’s hyper-violent standards, there is a sense of prevalent dread seeping through the pores of the movie and I mean that in the best possible way. This is Cushing’s show undoubtedly, but that isn’t to say Matthews, Gayson and Gwynn do not rise to the challenge of keeping up with Cushing’s madness. Gayson is especially a standout but that is unsurprising because quite a lot of Hammer women tend to be intelligent and likeable characters and Margaret is no exception. What becomes immediately apparent to the viewer is the movie takes more than a few steps forward when it comes to the story and just how far Frankenstein is willing to push the line with his dastardly deeds and it is all done with a surprisingly low-key but nonetheless unmistakable sense of class as expected from early Hammer horror. A thoroughly fulfilling and satisfying sequel as well as a strong standalone effort. Well worth your time.


                              Why yes, I AM a glorious prick.


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