[Bea’s Ranting Book Reviews] Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade [Oliver Bowden] by Bea Harper


Published: 2011

Publisher: Penguin

Holy wars, sprawling desert vistas, whispers of scandal, class division, betrayal, double dealing and never ending power struggles denote but just some of the perils that Syrian Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad encounters as his full tale is finally exposed after years of being some sort of intangible yet inspirational legend, the very legend who questioned the Creed of the Assassins and found out he was capable of much more than simply bathing his blade in the blood of his targets. Fans of the best-selling (and occasional cash cow) video game series developed by Ubisoft and casual readers alike may enjoy this quite frankly solid adaptation of what was essentially a highly repetative game by paying more attention to the character of Altaïr rather than the mystique of his names and the effectiveness of his actions. While incredibly brisk, Bowden quickly encapsulates you into this world with the Crusades acting as a backdrop to mirror and contrast the struggles of the Assassins against their arch-nemeses, the Templars.

A damn fine page-turner and a splendid introduction to non-gamers into the world of the Assassins as well as a worthy expansion of knowledge to fans.



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