[Interview] Steve Worland (Paper Planes)

Steve Worland Interview

Listen To The Interview or Download HERE


This month sees the release of one of the most successful Australian films on DVD and BluRay. The film, Paper Planes was a surprise hit when it was released in cinemas back in January and managed to draw in a massive local audience that managed to hold its own against the other Hollywood family films. Paper Planes is a true Aussie gem and I must give a massive congratulations to the films director, Robert Connolly for making a very enjoyable family film that managed to captivate the imagination of not only younger audiences, but older ones as well.

I recently had the chance to interview Steve Worland the films co-writer to discuss the development of script, his reactions to the films success as well as the impact that a film like Paper Planes as on bring back local audiences to seeing local films. Worland is a novelist and screenwriter whose works includes serving as the scriptwriter on Bootmen and the action novels Velocity, Combustion and Quick.

The film is available to preorder on DVD and Blu-ray June 24th Release – Click Below

Paper Planes DVDPaper Planes Blu


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