What A Marvel! Captain America: The First Avenger [2011] by Bea Harper


Considering the somewhat sordid history that Cap has had cinematically, Joe Johnston made it his mission to give Old Stars And Spangles the cinematic outing he deserves and he does so with gusto. Another thing I appreciated about the film in general was how unafraid of being meta; Cap is a character in comic books in reality, and he is also a character, an avatar if you will of American propaganda in this movie. It’s quite clever considering that was the fundamental purpose of Caps’ creation back in WWII. The use of production design, the period music, the costumes, the gadgets, the overall sense of bygone adventure is captured here thanks to Johnston’s keen, peppy direction and the talent in front of the camera. A worthy film that would only be surpassed by it’s own sequel. Still, it remains in high standing and rightly so.



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