[TV Review] Broadchurch 2×06

Broadchurch Season 2

A little late in reviewing this episode, I blame my brain that totally forgot about the review heh. So this episode was an excellent one, focusing on the repairing relationship between Ellie and Tom, the troubles facing Jocelyn and Sharon, Beth and Mark’s relationship drama and what really did happen with Sandbrook. This episode tackled a lot and it need too with only two episodes left, and anything can happen still.

First up, Tom took the stand and his evidence was damming, but not for helping his father but for putting Mark in the spotlight. Not only with the trial but with Beth as well, as Tom’s testimony meant that Mark needed to take the stand. Tom did lie on the stand but corrected himself, originally placing Mark in the firing line for the murder. However Mark’s own alibi was then put into question, and his time spending with Tom was admitted to. With Mark though, his admission of the affair and then his intention to leave Beth the night Danny was killed, has basically ruined the family. The last we saw of Beth this episode, she was in hysterics with Ellie (yes Ellie) trying to comfort her.

With Tom making a mess of thing, Ellie confronts him outside of court, and yells! I was basically cheering Olivia Colman and her awesome performance here. Hell I was shit scared of her! She put Tom in his place, and the pair are moving back together to be a family with the baby. The scenes of them together felt right, and it was about time the relationship started to get repaired. Not sure where it will leave them when a verdict on Joe is finally reached.

As for Mark, his testimony not only may have ruined his marriage but he nearly caused a mistrial. Thankfully that didn’t happen and Joe isn’t getting off just yet or at all. The real drama here was Mark admitting he was no where to be found the night of Danny’s murder, was because he was writing a letter to Beth, about ending the marriage. This happened after he bonked the blonde, but the admission was a big one, and the family is in shambles.

Miller Hardy

Then we have the drama between Jocelyn and Sharon, with Jocelyn finally admitting she gave up working because she is going blind. Sharon on the other hand is working as hard as she can on her own to help her locked up son, who was recently beaten in jail. The pair as we learnt have a history and both of them are eager to win the case for their own reasons. Jocelyn also got the news at the end of the episode that her mother passed away, this is surely going to impact her work in the courtroom.

Now onto Sandbrook, we had Alec out a lot for this episode with his heart surgery taking place and his ex coming back to look after him. Ellie was quite busy this episode, not only was she rebuilding things with Tom, but her investigations continued. The was a gate discovered between the Gillespie house backyard and the Ashworth house. Questions were raised as to whether Lee and Mrs Gillespie were having it off, and what role did Claire actually play? Her guilt is building up, but could it be that obvious and what motive does she have?

The relationship between Claire and Lee is still awfully mysterious, Lee doesn’t look as guilty anymore, and Claire does. It adds an extra dimension there, and Claire’s break down over Alec telling her to leave that house was full on, but it could be because she suspects they suspect her. Ellie made another discovery, in Clarie’s portfolio she can be seen wearing Pippa’s necklace, the one found in Lee’s car. Claire herself as we find out stole it from Alec’s wifes car during the investigation. Knowing that Ellie saw the photo, Claire burns the picture, but not before Ellie got to tell Alec’s wife about it.

My current theory, which has always been Claire was involved, is it that Claire and the niece Lisa were some how involved, they killed Pippa and Claire helped hide the Lisa. Only two more episode’s left, can they still shock us all?


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