[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Alien [1979]


Geez Louise. It’s utterly pointless for me to produce remotely anything of true value when it comes to talking about this classic of the genre and paragon of cinematic brilliance. Everything about this movie is perfect in it’s field- the directing, the set design, the soundscape, the visuals and the acting coalesce to form a film of legendary proportions to deliver a suspenseful, transgressive film that defies  the sanctions and bends expectations. Anybody who denies it’s influence and raw impact on cinema and pop culture are deluding themselves. Considering this film doesn’t show the beast itself for a good 40 minutes and still manages to hold your undivided attention, it goes way beyond being a typical monster movie, above and beyond humble B-movie sensibilities. There is no substitute for brilliance and “Alien” proves that even 40 years on, it has still yet to be beat.


Below are several samples of the late H.R Giger’s work. Sexuality and monstrosity feature heavily in his work as well as the eroticizing of biomachinery and death. There is something horrifying and pessimistic about it, yet at the same time it is artful, inspired and probes deep into your hidden recesses.

enhanced-buzz-wide-6832-1400241483-17  hr_giger_desktop_1200x808_wallpaper-179171 hr-giger-erotomechanics-vii1


2 thoughts on “[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Alien [1979]

    • Haha, thank you. I was worried my rambling would end up being absolutely incomprehensible. But yes, Alien is one of those films that can’t be improved on because it’s almost a transcendant entity in itself.


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