[Bea’s Ranting Book Reviews] The Stand [1978]


Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Doubleday Books

Originally published: 1978

It truly is the phenomenon you have heard it to be and worthy of every accolade and piece of praise it has received ever since 1978. I highly recommend picking it up in it’s unabridged form complete with King’s own preface. It’s an perilous journey, a furious fight between good and evil and a bountiful observation about what makes us human. There truly is no other tale like it which it easily ranks up there in my top five epic stories.

Additionally, seek out the comic book adaptation (made with King’s artistic consultation, naturally) translated to the page by Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, illustrated by Mike Perkins, and was first published by Marvel in 2008 which ran to 2012 in five volumes.



One thought on “[Bea’s Ranting Book Reviews] The Stand [1978]

  1. Cool review! I remember actually reading The Stand in the early 90’s (when the events of the book take place) and I grew up in Boulder, Colorado (where the good guys in the U.S. gather), so this book had some extra meaning to me. I read the “unabridged” version that even King admits may be an example of him having “diarrhea of the word-processor” ツ Still one of my favorite books, especially since one of my favorite bands, Anthrax, wrote a song about it – “Among the Living”. Keep up your fantastic work, Bea!


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