[Bea’s Reviews] American Psycho [2000]


Morality, goodness and the people are expendable. Greed, artifice and accessories are everything. Shocking, culturally impacting and hits very close to home, Mary Harron’s ‘American Psycho’ is a horrific comedy of manners that never flinches from taking off the glove and slapping pretentious, alpha dog driven and ‘me-me-me’ yuppie culture square across the face with a wink, a smile and a buzzing chainsaw. Christian Bale still hasn’t been better in the role that made him a household name. Nobody is important to Patrick Bateman unless they can fulfill some shallow purpose he imposes and even then, what’s to stop him from discarding them like chopped liver or hacked off limbs while wearing a raincoat, dancing to Huey Lewis and the News while wielding an axe?




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