32 Fave Things: An Ode To “Aliens” [by Bea Harper]

Listen to my ranting you BITCH!!!!!!

If you want. Please. I love you. ❤

I should note two directly horrifying things that happen in this movie- Ripley’s being in hyposleep for 57 years. That’s 57 years of her life gone, 57 years of not being with her daughter Amanda and being there for her child’s milestones. Imagine waking up after many years with most of your family gone or dying while you are still very much alive.

Secondly, bureaucracy. The company was more concerned that their products were destroyed/damaged, they were not worried about the very real, legitimate threat of the xenomorph making it to earth and raising royal hell there and thus endangering all of humanity. PRIORITIES, MOTHERFUCKERS!

You cheered. You know you did.

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