[Review] Click – Short Horror Film


Lowdown: A group of children play in an abandoned building with naught but a light switch.

Although the concept of creepiness is subjective depending on the beholder, William Princes’ 15 minute short ‘Click’ is one of my favourite UK-based horror shorts because it doesn’t rely on make up, sensationalism and bombastic means of getting your attention. All it does is play on the secret and fundamental fear we as humans have- the darkness. Combined with a contemporary and understated take on the old nursery rhyme ’10 Little Ducklings’, the idea is so simplistic and made on not even a shoe-string budget but its’ use of space, light and a consistent flow of story keeps the short going as well as the fact the all-child cast is more respectable than you’d think.

I would never go hard on child actors because they are in the infancy of a prospective career, but these youngsters give a mostly natural, relaxed performance that you don’t see a bunch of young actors, you just see a bunch of rambunctious kids trying to scare each other by turning the light on and off. The ace in the hole however is the deliberate pacing and the gradual slithering horror that the kids feel when they realise there is a force at work that wants to devour them all. The final moments of ‘Click’ had me feeling a sense of dread because of the sheer inevitability of what was going to happen to the last child and what was worse, the child knew what was coming too. Imagine it; all of this tension, all of this under the surface sense of latent unease comes from the mere act of flipping a light switch.

I highly recommend ‘Click’ to anybody who has an appreciation for minimalist yet tense thrillers… and I won’t blame them for sleeping with a night-light on for a few evenings afterwards. Check it out here: an-incredibly-simple-horror-short-to-make-you-afraid-of-492224003



Review written by Bea Harper



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