OZ Comic Con Melbourne 2014: PHOTOS – The Cat Ear Initiative


During both days at OZ Comic Con, I wore a headband with some cat ears. I had an extra pair that I kindly asked some lovely people to wear for photos. The reason being, and what I have called The Cat Ear Initiative, is to make people smile and give them a laugh. The whole point of a convention is to have fun, so why not have some fun wearing cat ears?

Many people don’t often get to have a good smile or a good laugh, so by doing this I’ve made people have a smile, or will make people smile when they look over these photos – mission is accomplished. I would like to thank everyone who posed for these photos and wore the cat ears, it was a lot of fun and I am glad laughs were had.

Check out the photos and show some love to these wonderful people!

Mitch Davies from All-Star Comics with Marcey

Cat Ears In 02

Wolfgang Bylsma from Gestalt Comics with Marcey

Cat Ears In 03

Stewart McKenny with Marcey (Check out StewART)

Cat Ears In 04

Frank Candiloro with Marcey (Check out Frank’s site)

Cat Ears In 05

Paul Abstruse with Marcey (Like Paul on Facebook)

Cat Ears In 06

Anthony Christou with Marcey (Like Anthony on Facebook)

Cat Ears In 07

Coral Briglia with Marcey (Like Coral on Facebook)

Cat Ears In 08

Grumpy Terrible Australian Bede with Marcey (Like Bede on Facebook)

Cat Ears In 09

Harrison Packer with Marcey (Harrison is our resident Showgirls expert)

Cat Ears In 10

Harrison Chua with Marcey (Harrison meets all the celebrities!)

Cat Ears In 11

Cinta the zombie Nurse with Marcey (Make up by Mr. Christou)

Cat Ears In 12

Wayne Nichols with Marcey (Like Wayne on Facebook)

Cat Ears In 13

David from NCP with Marcey (Visit the NCP page and Podcast)

Cat Ears In 14

Troy Varker from All-Star Comics with Marcey

Cat Ears In 15

Voice Guest Jason Marsden with Marcey (Follow Jason on Twitter)

Cat Ears In 16

Tom Taylor with Marcey (Follow Tom on Twitter)

Cat Ears In 17

Siobhan Hardiman with Marcey (Siobhan is part of The Melbourne Costume Group)

Cat Ears In 18

Brendan Halyday with Marcey (Brendan’s website is coming soon)

Cat Ears In 19

Be sure to check out our photos with celebrity guests, some of them donned the cat ears!



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