Days Of The Dead Indianapolis 2014


Anyone that knows me knows that I love four things more than anything else in the world.  Family, horror, wrestling and heavy metal.  These are the things that help define me as a person.  Well it just so happens that there is a convention that gives me all of that and more!  Last weekend, Days of the Dead hit Indianapolis, IN.  There is quite simply no other horror convention like it.  The men and women behind DOTD are fans themselves so they try to give the best possible convention with the most things to do, the best guests, the best events and the lowest prices.

This year’s Indy show had a lot to live up to.  It was the tenth ever DOTD.  It’s been growing bigger and better every time.  I’m happy to say that this year knocked it out of the park.  Despite having two of their headliners being forced to cancel, Dario Argento and Dee Snyder, DOTD pulled off quite simply one of the greatest conventions I’ve ever been a part of.  You know that something special is brewing when Tara Reid is so drunk she dances on a table in the hotel restaurant.  And then proceeds to bust her ass.  I’m dead serious.

Me and Bill Moseley

Seconds before Bill Moseley slapped my new chainsaw tattoo

The guest lineup was solid.  Night of the Demons  and Nightbreed had reunions this weekend.  Bill Moseley, Doug Bradley, Corey Feldman and more were in the house.  All of them were incredibly friendly and accommodating.  When I met Moseley, I had just taken the wrap off of a brand new tattoo I had gotten in the morning.  He saw it and playfully slapped it.  I told him it was brand new and he apologized immediately.  I didn’t mind.  In fact I laughed my ass off.  How often can somebody say that they had their ink set by Chop Top?  Only at Days of the Dead.

Getting to drink with the likes of Amelia Kinkaide, Laurence Harvey, Derek Mears and John Dugan was surreal.  Dugan can pack in some beer, let me tell you!  What was even more special was finally meeting some of my friends in person for the first time.  The regulars of DOTD consider themselves family.  And this family likes to PARTY!!!!  We drank an insane amount of alcohol this weekend.  In particular, the discovery of COLDCOCK whiskey may have been the greatest moment of the weekend.  We went through three bottles of the stuff last weekend.  I still have one of them on display!


The almighty COLDCOCK!

There was a great concert on Friday night from the greatest 80’s metal tribute band around, IRON DIAMOND.  These guys tore it up!  Mixing great songs from the likes of Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Megadeth, Ratt, Motley Crue and more, it was true heavy metal thunder.  They even blasted out Dokken’s DREAM WARRIORS for their finale!  There was even a special appearance from Freddy Krueger during that number!

The VIP party on Saturday night featured a performance by The Fischer Bodies.  This was a a horror themed burlesque show.  Trying to find the words for how great that was is hard.  It was hilarious, sexy, and evocative throughout.  When they were starting up the dance for Night of the Demons, the infamous Angela dance, Billy Gallo(Sal) hopped on stage to sit and watch!  It shocked Victoria Nightshade, but she ran with it!  It was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire convention.

Iron Diamond 1

Iron Diamond rocking out!

One of my favorite things about DOTD is Jabb Pictures puts together a 48 hour long film fest featuring some of the finest indie horror flicks out there.  After the Iron Diamond concert, I stepped outside for a breather and Jesco White(yes, THAT Jesco White) was doing a step dance routine!  He was beyond trashed!  After that, I headed in to catch the screening for TIME TO KILL, an epic throwback to grindhouse cinema.  It was as crazy as an exploitation flick gets.  You know you are in for a treat when the first thing the director does before the screening is passing out free beer.  This was quite the experience.  Everyone, even the director Brian Williams, was hooting and hollering at the movie.  It was a party for sure.

Me and Corey Feldman

Hanging out with Corey Feldman.  Cool dude!

Overall this was simply an amazing convention.  From having good times with my DOTD family, to meeting the celebs, to the incredible vendors, to the film screenings, to the drunken shenanigans, this was one hell of a fun party to be at.  It’s only getting better folks, so if you can make it out to Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta or Los Angeles for Days of the Dead I implore you do so.  You will never find so much fun in one place anywhere else!

Me and Doug Bradley

The one and only Doug Bradley

Me and Kevin Tenney

Night of the Demons director Kevin Tenney

Me and David Naughton

The American Werewolf himself, David Naughton

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