The Sights Of Days Of The Dead: Indianapolis Part One

Big ass monster

Biggest cosplay I’ve ever seen!

Big ass monster 2

Told you so.

Dead Care Bear

A decapitated Care Bear cosplay

Iron Diamond 1

Iron Diamond rocking DOTD!

Iron Diamond 2

Their show was far more incredible than pics can say.

Jason vs Jason

Jason vs. Jason


Leatherface vs. Leatherface vs. Michael Myers

Me, Molesworth, Jamie and Caleb Guss

Partying with Caleb Guss, Jamie Smith-Bonham and Steven Molesworth

Tattoo Contest 1

That Damn Tattoo Contest featuring Machete(as a kid)

Me and Victoria Nightshade

The lovely Victoria Nightshade from The Fischer Bodies(horror burlesque)

Me and Dish Delish

The equally lovely Dish Delish from The Fischer Bodies and her boob.

Me and Camille Keaton

The equally lovely Camille Keaton(I Spit On Your Grave)

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