[DVD Review] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 2 Volume 3 [G]

MLPS2V3Let us continue our journey through Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with Volume 3 – Friendship To The Rescue, which contains another 5 episodes of fun watching!

Family Appreciation Day

This episode focus’s on Apple Bloom and her relationship with Granny Smith. Apple Bloom finds herself getting embarrassed by Granny Smith and she tries to stop her from coming to her school for Family Appreciation Day. I think we can all relate to a family member or family in general making us feel embarrassed. Especially when we are younger, we aim to try and make a good impression on our friends. This is the case for Apple Bloom, she assumes Granny Smith will be embarrassing.

The antics of Apply Bloom and her fellow fillies is very funny and cute, the kids will laugh and the adults will get a kick out of it too. There is a lovely message here about family, and Apple Bloom does learn a valuable lesson about that. Granny Smith comes through for her, and the scenes are just great.

Apple Bloom Granny Smith

Baby Cakes!

This episode is a riot and an absolute must for Pinkie Pie fans. Mr and Mrs Cake have twin fillies, a Pegasus called Pound Cake and a Unicorn called Pumpkin Cake. Pinkie Pie loves playing with them, and having fun. When Mr and Mrs Cake need a babysitter she wants to do the job, not realising just what it takes to look after two little fillies. It is not all fun and games, and Pinkie Pie finds that she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

During the episode, things are a mess, and Twilight Sparkle offers help but Pinkie Pie gets angry when Twilight states she didn’t think she was ready. Pinkie is stubborn and determined to make it through. She does learn her lesson, and things do get very messy. This is a great character episode for Pinkie Pie and it is extremely funny. The kids will definitely enjoy this episode, and there is a good message about responsibility.

Pinkie Pie 01

Hearth’s Warming Eve

The Mane Six along with Spike are asked to put on a play in Canterlot, about the founding of Equestria. The girls each play a part in the play with Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack as the Earth Ponies, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity from the Unicorn Pony Tribe and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy from the Pegasus Tribe. Each group are at odds with each other, and the play is about their coming together. The girls certainly have a lot to do, and some take their roles seriously (Rarity) while others have a little too much fun with it (Pinkie Pie). The girls argue backstage about the window needing closing and this lasts to the end of the episode.

This is a nice episode about their own friendship and the over coming of differences. The play does parallel the girls a lot, which is a nice and clever touch. It is a very fun episode, and it is definitely interesting to see them all play different parts, but having their personalities shine through.

Hearths Warming Eve

The Last Roundup

This episode sees Apple Jack head off to Canterlot to perform in the Rodeo. But she does not return, only sending a note to her friends. They take off in search of Apple Jack and try to find out why she doesn’t want to come back home. The ponies find her in Dodge Junction, working for a pony called Cherry Jubilee. Apple Jack refuses to tell her friends what has happened. As it turns out Apple Jack is ashamed she didn’t come first and learns that her friends don’t care about what place she came, she’s number one to them.

This is an episode that serves as a lesson to Apple Jack who really misjudged the situation and feels she let everyone down, when that really isn’t the case. As I understand it this episode caused some people to get upset over the portrayal of Derpy, I really don’t see how she is offensive. She is a clumsy pony, if people read more into that they really need to reassess it. This is a good episode, with a very strong showing of friendship.


Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The Apple family are making their cider, but there is always a shortage because Granny Smith wants the cider perfect. A duo the called Flim Flam Brothers come into town with their cider making machine. They wind up in a competition with the Apple family to see who can make the most cider. The Apple family have to work together and make the most cider they have ever had to make. The other ponies join the team to help them out.

This was a really fun episode, the song that the Flim Flam Brothers is very catchy too! It is a nice episode that shows all the friends working together to help out Apple Jack and her family, and they do it without hesitation. This one isn’t overly heavy with it’s message, but it does have a lot of fun and great moments.

Cider episode

The Australian DVD
The audio and video are excellent on this release, it’s all very clear and crisp and there really isn’t anything to fault here.

Overall Rating


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.

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