Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #12: Mac And Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 12th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. As you already know last month here on I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… MAC AND ME! Will I figure out why anyone would want to be involved in this E.T. ripoff? Is it possible that film has more product placement in it than any other film in history? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

The MGM Lion is warning me to stop watching this movie

R.I.P. Orion Pictures

Clearly the score isn’t trying to rip off John Williams, not one bit


Meanwhile somewhere in the American desert that’s pretending to be another planet…

So… There are straws in outer space?

You know I’ve seen a lot of creepy movie aliens in my time, but ones in this film are really terrifying

Seriously, they are freaking me put right now! And there not suppose to!


I don’t know how human sized aliens can gets sucked up in vacuum but whatever

I’m not an astronaut or anything, but I’m pretty sure that a shuttle can’t get back to Earth that fast

Alan Silvestri did the score for this film?! That poor man. He’s like the only name I recognise in these credits

How is possible that four human sized aliens can fit in a shuttle that small?

These actors don’t know how to act

Oh dear God! That puppet is horrible!

I like how things just blow up for no apparent reason lol

Okay, the baby alien Mac has turned into Stretch Armstrong all of a sudden

Mac just got hit by a car and he’s splattered all over the windshield. How he is still alive I have no idea

Product placement! You’ll be hearing that a lot during this live-tweeting

I think that the kid’s can of Coke has gotten more screen time than anyone else in this movie

Seriously, how can this family not know that there is an alien in their care? He’s not doing a good job of hiding


I’m just gonna put it out there. Mac is more creepy than the Xenomorphs from the ALIEN franchise

That’s a pretty big house for someone who is working at a minimum wage job

Did Mac just wolf whistle at the little girl across the street?! That’s disturbing.

Seriously, how can nobody not notice Mac?!

This movie did the upside kiss before SPIDER-MAN made it famous. Luckily it wasn’t done in a romantic way, that would have been disturbing

I like how the camera wants to make sure that the kid’s Skittles are in EVERY shot.

I’m sorry but if my toy car and TV set came on all by themselves without either batteries or a remote, I’d be freaking out

The Snorkles are playing on the kid’s TV. It makes sense that they features here since, like this movie, it’s a rip off as well.

Umm… Why did Mac turn on the shower? It doesn’t make any sense.

This little girl Debbie is weird. She thinks Mac is cute. Umm… Are sure you looked at him?


The Mum has the same hair style as Ronald McDonald

Aww… Mac is crying. Well, I think he is. It’s hard to tell its so bloody dark


Is this suppose to be a family film? Cause its playing more like horror film than anything else

Mac just drilled into wall and almost hit Eric’s head. That’s terrifying!

Now Mac is using a buzz saw to make a hole in the door. This is not family film, it truly is a horror film!

Here’s Johnny!

I like how Eric thinks that his Mum is blaming him for what happened, even though she wasn’t

Yes! This is the infamous scene that Paul Rudd always plays every time he’s on Conan O’Brien’s show. Sweet!

Stop wolf whistling, Mac! It’s creepy!

Un oh, Eric has lost control of his wheel chair and he is rolling down the hill!

You know if he just rolled himself to the side, the wheel chair would topple over and stop

OMG Eric has gone flying over the edge of the hill and falls 100 feet into a pond! This is amazing!

I know I shouldn’t laugh but this is hilarious! Especially since you can clearly tell that its a dummy that is falling lol


lol Mac’s reaction to Eric hitting the water is hilarious. Creepy, but hilarious lol

Man, Eric’s family hasn’t lived in that house for 24 hours and already a tonne of crap has happened

I like how everyone thinks that Eric is both suicidal and possibly insane

Also this doctor’s solution to Eric is to just give him a sedative

Every time Debbie is onscreen, she has a new hair style

Oh, dear God. This film just made its first reference to McDonalds, in a very unsubtle way

Not only does this film promote McDonalds, Skittles and Coke, it’s also promoting Sears as well.

Eric’s brother just mentioned that they are going to eat at McDonalds. This film isn’t hiding its product placement anymore

I think that there is more product placement in this film than there is in Michael Bay’s entire filmography


So the only thing that Mac and his family drink is Coke. Rrrriiiiggghhhhtttt…

I think what disturbs me more about the design of Mac is the month. It’s just too small! It’s unnatural

Geez, Mac gets sucked up in a lot of vacuums doesn’t he?

Yeah, I think Debbie would have been dead after after being throw around like that on the vacuum cleaner

Why is there a bright light coming out of the vacuum cleaner?


Yes, Eric. Make sure you get that Coke logo is every shot.

That poor Mum. She thinks both of kids have gone insane lol.

I don’t know how Mac can read the newspaper but whatever

Apparently Mac is a great cleaner cause the house is absolutely spotless. It doesn’t make any sense but again whatever

How can anyone not find Mac’s family! You would think the U.S. government would have found them by now! Its not that hard!

Every time Mac and his family communicate with each other, it looks like their doing the hand routines from Madonna’s Vogue music video


All the dogs in the neighbourhood are chasing after Mac. If it were me, I’d would definitely sic dogs onto him 

Is this the band Chicago playing on the soundtrack? It sounds like them.

What a bizarre song choice for this scene. It doesn’t fit at all.

I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston makes first ever screen in this film as an extra. I’ll have to keep a look out for her.

Oh, man. Coke has made another appearance. Again.

I don’t want to be mean but these kid actors are really bad lol.

Come on! Vogue! Let your body groove to the music!

Mac is disguised as a teddy bear. It’s worst disguise I have ever seen lol

You can obviously tell that it is a costume, but everyone thinks it’s an actual teddy bear lol.

Wait a second! Is this still the same movie? Cause it seems like we’ve wandered onto the set of one of the BREAKIN’ films

Umm… These kids shouldn’t be dancing in the car park. They could get run over!


Well, of course the birthday party that both Eric and Debbie are going to is at McDonalds.

Oh, hi Ronald McDonald

So… Everybody sees Mac’s hand stretch out and grabs a kid’s coke but nobody is freaked out by it. Okay…

Yep, it’s true. This movie is nothing but a movie length ad for McDonalds.

Why is everybody dancing?! It makes no sense!


Ummm… When did Mac become a professional dancer all of sudden?

Seriously, how can anyone think that Mac is a toy! It’s bloody obvious that he isn’t


How does everyone know these dance moves?!

These scene is so out of place.


This movie should have been titled BREAKIN’ 3: MAC AND ME


It’s amazing that these FBI agents are still running after Eric & Mac. You would think they were puffed out by now but there not

I like how even when Mac doesn’t touch things, they still spark lol

Well, Debbie’s sister isn’t freak out by Mac, despite the fact this is the first time she has seen him until now.

Eric’s hair looks like a wig.

This movie has the most out of place soundtrack ever

Yes, make sure that we can see you give Mac both Skittles and Coke in this scene, Eric.

I like how the actors have to make sure the logos of these products are facing the camera

Man, that van almost hit that horse!

Why are those horses running after the van? Is it to seek revenge for nearly being hit by it.

Uh, oh. Kids have just wandered onto the ending of SE7EN.

That would be kind of awesome this film finished the same way as that film did lol.


Clearly the puppeteer isn’t hiding behind that bush next to Mac.


Mac is doing his Vogue hand routines again.

There’s one thing I don’t get: how does Mac understand what the humans are saying when he has never met them before until now?

Wow, this is bleak. It looks like Mac’s family are dead.

Oh, wait. My mistake. There still alive. Dammit lol.


There’s only one way we can save Mac’s family! Get some more cans of Coke!

Coke Cola: not only is it a refreshing drink, it can also bring alien back from death.

Did I hear that correctly, did Debbie just accidentally call Eric ‘Derek’?

Mac’s Dad is a greedy arsehole

This scene were Mac starts crying after reuniting with his family would actually be moving, if the aliens themselves weren’t scary

Even though they haven’t mentioned McDonalds in a while, their presence can still be felt cause their logo is on Courtney’s shirt

Did Mac’s Dad just flipped the bird at that girl?

Mac and Me

These people in the supermarket aren’t freaking out cause of Mac’s family being aliens, there freaking they look like there naked.

Seriously, Mac and his family look so much like there naked that it’s disturbing

The security guard’s name is Buck. I hope he’s not the same Buck from KILL BILL

Look out! Mac’s Dad is packing heat!

Yeah, that’s right, cops. Just shoot at the aliens while there standing next to a GAS PUMP!!!

Oh, my God! They killed Eric! You bastards!

I’m surprised that Eric still stayed in that one spot despite being so close to the explosion.

I’m starting to get the feeling that this film doesn’t like kids that are wheel chairs. Seriously, Eric gets punished a lot.

Well, the Mum finally shows up.

Despite being killed by a explosion, Eric’s hair is still perfect.

Wait a second… Mac and his family SURVIVED that explosion?! How is that possible!!!

So Mac and his family have the power to heal people? This is never brought up until just now.

It’s like they want upstage E.T. by bringing someone back from the dead, instead of just healing a cut on a finger.

Mac and his family look a bit like Gollum from THE LORD OF THE RINGS films. Except there more creepy.

On the third day, Eric rose again according to the scriptures…


Ummm… Why are Mac and his family doing a US citizenship pledge?

Oh, I get it! It’s because Mac and his family are ‘illegal aliens’! HAHAHAHAHA! That’s such clever satire there, movie! HAHAHAHA!

I don’t know how it’s even possible, but Mac and his family look even more creepy when they are wearing actual clothes.

Speaking of which, why do Mac and his family’s clothes look there from the 1950’s? Shouldn’t they be wearing something modern?

Mac’s Dad winked at the camera. I’m scared.

I like how everyone is just very accepting of the aliens.

This ending is just… Weird.

I know this going to sound harsh, but Mac and his family look like shrivelled up testacies. Seriously, they do!

What is with this song that’s playing now?

When did Mac’s Dad learn how to drive a car? This movie doesn’t make any sense at all!

Oh, dear God. There’s a bubble onscreen saying that Mac and his family will be back. Umm… No you won’t.


The only way this movie could have ended if Eric, Mac and his family went through the drive-thru at McDonalds

Believe it or not, the film was originally titled MCDONALDS, SKITTLES, COKE AND ME but the filmmakers thought it was too obvious.

Well, that’s the end of MAC AND ME. or as it should have been titled PRODUCT PLACEMENT: THE MOVIE

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 12th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in june for the next one which could one of the following three films: BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, JASON X or TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted here on soon!

– Bede Jermyn

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