Super Squared Circle Podcast Episode 1


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Super Podcast spin-off the SUPER SQUARED CIRCLE PODCAST!

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Please join your Commentators (aka Hosts) Good Ol’ Super Marcey and Mean James Orrell as we discuss the latest happenings in the world of WWE. Unfortunately Paul ‘The Body’ Huffman had laptop issues and wasn’t able to make the show, but he will be back!


The podcast will focus on the week to week happenings in the WWE, with a look back at episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, NXT and PPVs. We will also discuss happenings on the WWE Network as well as all the latest news and our own insight.

In this episode we discuss …

* Wrestlemania 30 aka The Daniel Bryan Show

* Pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

* Extreme Rules and how it kicked ass!

* The Shield and The Wyatts are prettying much owning us

* We are Paul Heyman guys!

* The current state of the Divas division

* Bad News Barrett really is the shit

* Match Of The Week & MVP Of The Week

* Classic Matches of the Week (Watch Marcey’s Pick Here / Watch James’ Pick Here)

Paul Heyman Guy

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