[90s Horror Movie Month] Candyman (1992) Live Tweets!


90’s Horror Movie Month continues with my live tweet session of the classic CANDYMAN!


Ok let’s do this thing – live tweeting #CANDYMAN

This film when I first saw it in the 90s really got to me, it was and still is scary and very unsettling. #CANDYMAN

Based on a Clive Barker short story that I haven’t read boo #CANDYMAN

If @TonyTodd54 had a sexier voice my ovaries would explode! Seriously that voice, is insane! #CANDYMAN

It needs to be said Virginia Madsen is stunning in this film #CANDYMAN

Leather jacket Ted Raimi cameo! #CANDYMAN


This film definitely got me interested in urban legends. It does make then both fascinating and frightening #CANDYMAN

#CANDYMAN “@24FPSUK: @supermarcey A great combination of slasher and art cinema”

The spread of the urban legend was pretty amazing back before the Internet and now it knows no bounds! #CANDYMAN

Xander Berkley playing a prick, he did get a little type cast. But he does it so damn well #CANDYMAN

After I first saw this movie I naturally went and looked in the mirror and said Candyman five times – I was scared it was real #CANDYMAN

Thankfully nothing happened but I was terrified haha #CANDYMAN

The cleaning ladies telling the urban legend of Candyman is a great scene as it really brings forth the idea it’s not just legend #CANDYMAN

I love the films score by Phillip Glass, fits the mood and essence of the film perfectly #CANDYMAN


I like that they investigate a murder that’s tied to a legend, adds just so much to the film in terms of mystery #CANDYMAN

Helen is a pretty solid investigator, she’s worked how a killer got through apartments without much effort #CANDYMAN

And she’s now cursed herself by saying his name five times, oh Helen #CANDYMAN

Gotta commend how fantastic the film looks and how gorgeous it’s shot. #CANDYMAN

Oh men can’t resist harassing women! #CANDYMAN

Helen is pretty crazy, no wonder she ended up summoning Candyman. #CANDYMAN


The painting on the wall is insane! Love it! #CANDYMAN

More urban legend goodness, candy laced with razor blades. Maybe that came from Salo? #CANDYMAN

Is thesis written on the wall inside the derelict apartment building? #CANDYMAN

I love the performances in this film, just so good! #CANDYMAN

And the build up to the reveal of Candyman is fantastic, he’s already terrifying and we haven’t seen him #CANDYMAN

The backstory of the man who would be Candyman is just sad. And bees! Did they get in his eyes? #CANDYMAN

This little kid is kinda creepy #CANDYMAN


These toilets look so disgusting, shit on the walls … Just like at school …. Although we didn’t have bees in the toilet bowl #CANDYMAN

This guy has a hook and he’s beating her up … Such an amateur! Candyman is not that stupid #CANDYMAN

Poor Helen, she’s all bruised up – but little does she know she’s in for a lot worse! #CANDYMAN

This musical score will certainly haunt my dreams tonight #CANDYMAN

Holy shit run it’s Candyman!!!! Helen he’s calling your name so seductively! #CANDYMAN

It’s a bit too sexy when he says “be my victim” it’s sexier when @TonyTodd54 says it in person #CANDYMAN


Helen is majorly fucked now! Candyman came to town and Helen is going to look cray cray #CANDYMAN

Hey it’s Rusty! She’s bff’s with Virginia. I never noticed the cameo #CANDYMAN

This is when the film gets insanely freaky and intense! Poor Helen #CANDYMAN

Of course her arsehole husband is off cheating … Arse #CANDYMAN

Fun fact: @BedeJermyn’s autograph from @TonyTodd54 reads “to Bede, Bede my victim, Tony Todd” how awesome #CANDYMAN


Poor Helen she’s so confused and naked in the bath …. #CANDYMAN

What feels so messed up is that Helen is a really likable character and it’s hard to see her go through all this thanks to #CANDYMAN

Hook through the bathroom cabinet! Best jump scare!!!!! #CANDYMAN

“Do you believe in me?” #CANDYMAN

Candyman is a sympathetic monster because his backstory is pretty sad. But poor Helen #CANDYMAN

That hook hand is pretty gross. If he stabbed you and you didn’t die, you’d die from infection! #CANDYMAN


How is Candyman caring for that baby? Like honestly … Any explanation? #CANDYMAN

Virginia Madsen is so damn good in this, such a great performance. #CANDYMAN

Why would she want to summon Candyman when he’s clearly going to make things worse? #CANDYMAN

And Trevor the husband is an arsehole … I’ve said that already but he’s such a dick #CANDYMAN

Poor Helen, haunted by Candyman and going insane for real #CANDYMAN

I love that Candyman’s origin story is displayed as art on the walls. A touch of brilliance #CANDYMAN


“Surrender to me now …” The way he says that, dayum @TonyTodd54 it shouldn’t be hot but it is! #CANDYMAN

How perfect is the chemistry between Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd? Sizzling #CANDYMAN

Those bees!!! I bet Nic Cage some how got them in his eyes! #CANDYMAN

“It was always you Helen” #CANDYMAN

This whole sequence with Helen getting to the baby and the fire is so intense! #CANDYMAN

Now Helen goes through what Candyman did, it’s a weirdly fitting climax #CANDYMAN

And now for one of the best and most fitting endings … The arsehole finally gets it! #CANDYMAN


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