90’s Horrorthon! Event Horizon (1997) Live Tweets by Bea!



So, rather than kill my Facebook page with my Follies, I decided to make the move to Twitter in order to do a blow by blow film review/snark-fest. And what better film to christen it with than Paul W.S. Anderson’s promising directorial debut “Event Horizon”!  While uneven and highly derivative, it offered a good time not to mention a mean-spirited sense of humour. But now, I deliver this offering to her High Superness for the 90’s Horror Month here at SM.com so let’s get this slam party started!


#90shorrorthon- As much as I like to harangue Anderson, I will freely admit this- the man is a capable visual director. He shouldn’t write his films though.

#90shorrorthon- BTW, I’m watching the film on the special edition blu-ray Hi-Def and yeah… it does look quite beautiful.

#90shorrorthon- Oh, nice sound, too.

#90shorrorthon- Love the music score by Michael Kamen and Orbital. Very fascinating combination.

#90shorrorthon- WOOO, JASON ISAACS! Sorry. Seeing that name makes me squee inside!

#90shorrorthon- Vaguely nude Sam Neill! Everybody scream! (Had massive crush on him back in the day, judge me not!)

#90shorrorfest- Meet the crew!

#90shorrorthon- OMG JASON ISAACS! *Takes clothes off* (Note, I was Skyping with Marcey when this happened and I think I scared the begeezus out of her when I screamed :P)


#90shorrorthon-Fisburne was buff, yo.

#90shorrorthon-I appreciate the set design and overall production values. Considering the modest budget this film was made on, it’s great economy.

#90shorrorthon-Isaacs offered Neil a fag, tee hee. *A fag is a word for “cigarette” here in Australia, not a gay slur*

#90shorrorthon-Every time I see the ship’s name “Lewis and Clarke”, I think of “Lois and Clarke”

#90shorrorthon-Neil is sucking it in.

#90shorrorthon-Cheap-arse jump scare!

#90shorrorthon-Who doesn’t love black-eyed naked, soaking ladies sitting in a chair, woo woo.

#90shorrorthon-“I’m waiting!” waiting for what, a train?


#90shorrorthon-Rude sex joke time! So highbrow!

#90shorrorthon-Setting up the insecurities with Quinlan’s character.

#90shorrorthon-5 by 5! 5 by 5! Lt. Starck! So many references!

#90shorrorthon-Okay kids, gather round, let’s talk exposition!

#90shorrorthon-Jesus, Fish, let Neil talk!

#90shorrorthon-The Event Horizon is located around the orbit of Neptune not Uranus. What? What are you snickering?

#90shorrorthon-Neil’s character has a shoulder patch on the uniform that has an amalgamation of the Aboriginal and Australian flag. Huh. That’s cool.

#90shorrorthon-LOL “Fuck laymen’s terms, do you speak English?”

#90shorrorthon-Demonstrating the concept of the wormhole using a girly magazine. Nice use of an analogy. What, I said ‘analogy’… oh grow up!

#90shorrorthon-For a girly magazine, the glamour model is actually modestly dressed.

#90shorrorthon- How does Dr. Weir know all there is to know about the Event Horizon? “I built it”. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

#90shorrorthon-You know one of the things I love most about SF? How it can make up it’s own gobbledegook and still sound legit.

#90shorrorthon-The transmission from the doomed ship still runs chills down my spine, actually.

#90shorrorthon-Jason Isaacs knows Latin. He’s perfect. Is it just me but does he remind anybody else of Timothy Dalton? It’s probably the eyes and voice.

#90shorrorthon-I love the hanging chair Fish sits in… very dangerous in turbulance situations though.

#90shorrorthon-“3, 2, 1, MARK.” Another “Aliens” reference, whoda thought?

#90shorrorthon-The Event Horizon is a damn eerie ship. Like a Gothic cathedral. I adore it’s techno-cruciform shape, very intimidating yet beautiful.


#90shorrorthon-Joely Richardson is beautiful as she is talented. Wait a moment- Richardson and Isaacs starred in “The Patriot” together… mind BLOWN.

#90shorrorthon-Fishburne is a really cool cucumber of a captain.

#90shorrorthon-Digital zero-g effects are digital.

#90shorrorthon-What sort of high-tech medical bay looks like a torture chamber!? Looks more like Arkham Asylum to me!

#90shorrorthon-Okay, that cheap scare actually made jump a little. Stupid levitating, dismembered arm! :p

#90shorrorthon-Yep, splitting up to explore a big, scary seemingly abandoned ship is always a fabulous idea. Then again, that’s why we watch these movies.

#90shorrorthon-Aaaand that corridor that leads to the gravity drive looks like a meat grinder. Nope, nothing to be concerned about.

#90shorrorthon-LOL, in 2047 they still use CD data discs. Awesome.

#90shorrorthon-Now that isn’t a bad make up effect with the floating, frozen eyeless corpse.

#90shorrorthon-This whole scene with the character of Justin comes right from “Alien” and… you know what, I give up pointing these things out.

#90shorrorthon-The core is a stunning piece of set design and craftship.


#90shorrorthon-When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

#90shorrorthon-And then it sucks you in.

#90shorrorthon-And now we are ALL stuck on board the creepy spaceship, hi-ho the derry ohhh!

#90shorrorthon-In the middle of intergalactic Woop Woop with very little breathable air with no means of communication during a space storm. Could be worse!

#90shorrorthon-Haha, Weir just made a snarky remark about Richard T. Jones’s character’s state of mind. If it ain’t the pot calling to the kettle!

#90shorrorthon-Starck: “A black hole, the most destructive force in the universe and you’ve created one.” Weir: “Absolutely YES!”

#90shorrorthon-I do like the different nuances Neil gives Weir. One moment he’s concerned about the well-being of others the next, he’s ship-uppity.

#90shorrorthon-He’s still a splendid ham though.

#90shorrorthon-I really feel for Kathleen Quinlan’s character considering the ship shamelessly exploits her guilt over her son.

#90shorrorthon-This is the nurse in me, but you wouldn’t leave a bunch of pristine surgical instruments just laying out in the open due to contamination.

#90shorrorthon-Yikes, that boys’ legs look nasty.

#90shorrorthon-Haha love the low-budge usage of computer circuit panels to be the inside of the power core network.

#90shorrorthon-I enjoy the usage of light in this sequence with Weir being haunted/hunted by his wife. Simple poor man’s process but effective.

#90shorrorthon-And now Fish is trippin’!

#90shorrorthon-Whoa, Isaacs, a scalpel to the throat isn’t the ideal way to handle crisis management.

#90shorrorthon-“What are you telling me, this ship is ALIVE?” No, it’s a cheese.

#90shorrorthon-Justin has had enough of the ship’s shit.

#90shorrorthon-Nice rip-off of the original “The Haunting” there. 😉

#90shorrorthon-Decompressurization ahoy!

#90shorrorthon-I wonder if Fish’s rescue technique would have actually been successful in reality… probably not.

#90shorrorthon-I admire the practical effects of the veins popping through the skin, there. Great use of fake blood too.

#90shorrorthon-Enjoying the Kubrickian framing for this group discussion scene.

#90shorrorthon-Captain Fish is a bulldog when it comes to finding out info, ain’t he?

#90shorrorthon-I’ll say this now- although there is something that resembles a story here, I’m more interested in seeing the ship impose it’s nightmares.

#90shorrorthon-Whoa, Hell-O-Vision!

#90shorrorthon-“You ever seen fire in zero gravity? It’s beautiful. Like liquid. Slides all over everything.” Got a vivid mental picture from that quote.

#90shorrorthon-Fishburne has such expressive eyes, I say that with absolutely no sarcasm.

#90shorrorthon-If you were told the vessel you were on was going to drag you back to a dimension that you could only perceive as Hell, what would you say?

#90shorrorthon-*after seeing the Hellish orgy recording of the previous crew of the Event Horizon* Fishburne: We’re leaving. LOL.

#90shorrorthon-I’m going to go out on a limb and say I can’t be the only one who freeze framed that recording. So much sick shit, I love it! </sickpuppy>

#90shorrorthon-“I AM home…” aka Sam Neil is officially evil.

#90shorrorthon-Fuck you and your guilt tripping, Event Horizon!

#90shorrorthon-Honey, for the love of fuck, you know it’s a trick!

#90shorrorthon-…. yeah, that’s gonna take a few band-aids to patch up.

#90shorrorthon-This moment confused me- seconds ago Weir was at once with the ship, but here he displays legit sympathy for Quinlan’s death.

#90shorrorthon-I’m obviously not an expert on the matter, but Weir’s wife slit her wrists horizontally, not vertically. That’s not how it works, right?

#90shorrorthon-Weirdipus Rex!


#90shorrorthon-BOOM goes the Lewis and Clarke!

#90shorrorthon-And Isaacs bites the duuuuust.

#90shorrorthon-Fish needs guns. LOTS of guns.

#90shorrorthon- “Where we’re going, we won’t need EYES to see.” It’d be NICE to have eyes though, just saying.

#90shorrorthon- “Your ‘beautiful ship’ killed it’s crew.” “Well… now she has a NEW crew.” Haha, Weir you are all heart, honey.

#90shorrorthon- Well that was an awfully silly thing to do, wasn’t it Weir?

#90shorrorthon- Wow, a river of blood, how original! Strange though, the blood usually gets off on the second floor. 😉

#90shorrorthon- The Event Horizon can bring Hell upon it’s crew but it can’t resurrect Weir back with clothes on?

#90shorrorthon- Okay, again, I can’t be the only one who paused during Weir’s enforced Hell premonitions on Fishburne.

#90shorrorthon- Each frame has a Bosch or Bruhel feeling- horrific yet at the same time compelling. You can’t NOT want to see them again.

#90shorrorthon- Why is the camera constantly focused on Weir’s eyes? Apart from the fancy lacerations on his face there is nothing abnormal about him.

#90shorrorthon- And how come his voice wasn’t altered? Considering he’s for all intents and purposes a demon, why’s he not sounding like one?

#90shorrorthon- “DO YOU SEE?! DO YOU SEE!?” “Yes. I see.” *La BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

#90shorrorthon- See you in the Matrix, Morpheus!

#90shorrorthon- Haha, “We’re safe” somebody says as the doors close ominously.


Well, that is the end of my first movie live Tweet! A thousand pardons if I bored you, by the way, I don’t suppose bribery is out of the question? 😉





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