[90’s Horror Movie Month] Night Of The Living Dead (1990) Live Tweets


Welcome to 90’s Horror Movie Month here at SM.com and to kick off on May 1st I have done a live tweeting session of 1990’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake directed by Tom Savini.

Enjoy my live tweets below and keep an eye out this month for more 90’s horror goodness.


LIVE TWEETS @SuperMarcey

90’s Horror Month is a go with my live tweets for #NightOfTheLivingDead1990

I haven’t seen this since my teen years, don’t remember much at all. This should be a treat! #NOTLD1990

The start is very similar and annoying but goodness do I love Patricia Tallman! #NOTLD1990

Can I brag I talked to Patricia about this film? Because I totally did! #NOTLD1990


First zombie looks wicked, yes I love you so much Tom Savini #NOTLD1990

Subtle humour, I like that in a zombie film #NOTLD1990

Just saw hairy zombie ass, thanks Savini! #NOTLD1990

I love Patricia’s plaid skirt #NOTLD1990

Ewwww blood leaking from above! Always affective #NOTLD1990

Man these zombies are uggggglyyyyyyy #NOTLD1990


Sex on legs @TonyTodd54 just arrived in the film and funny for a second looked like he had a hook hand like Candyman #NOTLD1990

Seriously @TonyTodd54 has the best voice and it’s even better in person 🙂 #NOTLD1990

I can’t get over how ugly these zombies are, and sheesh their clothes are bad too #unfashionablezombies #NOTLD1990

I keep expecting the animal heads to come alive like in #EvilDead2 lol they should laugh #NOTLD1990

Visually the film looks fantastic, well set up shots and lit just perfectly. #NOTLD1990

“This is pure hell on Earth” #NOTLD1990


Oooooo more people and some sketchy acting #NOTLD1990

Tom Savini really knew how to make a good remake, it feels so different to the original but there’s so much that’s the same. #NOTLD1990

He did his own thing, put forth his own vision, major props to the man for that #NOTLD1990

I might add Otis (Tom Towles) from Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer is in this #NOTLD1990

This is a lot better than a good portion of recent zombie films and it’s so simple too #NOTLD1990

For slow ass zombies they sure are strong bastards #NOTLD1990


What was with that Ghandi looking zombie? #NOTLD1990

Geez the actors must have hammered a lot of nails in this film, that’s all you can hear #NOTLD1990

I could do without the naked zombies #NOTLD1990

Zombies no like fire! They looked scared as shit haha #NOTLD1990

Tony Todd just put fire out with his fist! Move over Chuck Norris! #NOTLD1990


And these two morons just blew themselves up #NOTLD1990

Cooper is such a dickhead, his character is even more of an idiot than Otis #NOTLD1990

The real danger of the zombie apocalypse is the dickheads you’ll in-evidentially get stuck with #NOTLD1990


Wow the zombies really must have liked that house, they are piling in #NOTLD1990

I deem this a pretty solid remake, a lot of good moments and definitely is it’s own film. A 3.5/5 easily #NOTLD1990

And people are definitely more cruel than zombies, humans are our own worst enemy #NOTLD1990



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