[Wrestling] Royal Rumble 2014 Results & Thoughts

Royal Rumble 2014

WWE Royal Royal has been and gone for another year, it always is quite an exciting event and one that does usually keep us guessing.

This year the Pay Per View consisted of a Kick-Off show with a title match, and then three matches plus the Rumble itself. So let us go and see what happened and of course what I thought.

WWE Kick-Off Show – Tag Team Title Match: Goldust/Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws

Rumble Kick Off

Unfortunately like an idiot I forgot to watch the kick-off show and I missed this match. However knowing these four competitors, the match would have been very solid and a good way to start the show. In the end The New Age Outlaws won and took away the titles for a 6th time!

Seeing what the older generation won the titles here, what does that mean? I don’t see this as a bad thing, these guys have been such hard workers throughout their careers and a second run like this is well deserved. Placing the titles on them is good for one last run, but in the end I think their reign will end with the titles going to The Usos. A really good feud should start up and I can’t think of a better team to put these guys right over the top.

Rating: Unable to rate

Royal Rumble Match 1 – Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Royal Rumble 2014 2

The most over man in the WWE currently took on the enigma Bray Wyatt after his joining of the Wyatt family and subsequent leaving of them. This match has been planned for some time and as I understand it was originally going to be perhaps a Wrestlemania match. But since Bryan joining the family was a huge fail with the fans, the plans were moved up. The crowd was into this match and behind Bryan 100%, and it is easy to see why. This was easily the match of the night, Daniel Bryan worked his magic and even Bray performed very well. Bryan always brings out the best in his opponents and here was no different. The pair do have ring chemistry, so it was a natural pairing.

Such a great match, capped off with an ending that I am not sure most saw coming. Bray Wyatt won, with no interference and their likely done with Bryan. He needs to be in the Main Event picture as soon as possible.

Rating: 4.5/5

Royal Rumble Match 2 – The Big Show vs. Brock Lesner w/Paul Heyman

Royal Rumble 2014 3

The build up for this has been fairly entertaining, these are two big guys who can work in the ring. Having these two have a match was inevitable, and it was an easy pick to see who was going to win this. It wasn’t a long match as Lesner attacked Big Show with a chair before the match. However that did not keep Show down, he delivered the KO punch! It was a short match and it wasn’t too bad, when Lesner lifted Show onto his shoulders and walked around with him before bringing the pain with the F5 was pretty incredible!

Post match chair beat down for Big Show with no help in sight. Brock winning was expected, he takes on the winner of the next match.

Rating: 3/5

Royal Rumble Match 3 – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Royal Rumble 2014 4

Let’s be serious, this feud is boring and honestly no one really wants to keep seeing these guys go at it. John Cena may be a hard worked and he has earned his position well and truly but his gimmick is boring and he never brings anything new and exciting. This match was not terribly exciting for most of it, it picked up towards the end where the men stole each others finishers. In seeing this it was very obvious Cena just can’t pull off these moves well at all. Randy Orton however was clearly the more talented pulling off his own finisher and Cena’s very convincingly.

The end came when the Wyatt family made an appearance and the distraction was enough for Orton to steal the win. Cena however had a post match altercation with the Wyatt family. Cena moves on to a feud with these guys and I hope he hopes them over, as well as Daniel Bryan has done but I honestly doubt that.

Rating: 2/5

The Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble 2014 5

The Rumble match started off great with CM Punk at no. 1 as we knew, with Seth Rollins in at no. 2. The match itself always goes so fast I can’t remember the order or everyone in the match. Early on Corporate Kane entered and was eliminated quickly, and as we would soon find out it wasn’t the last we’d see of him either. The Shield were all out by the mid point of the match and without any surprise Roman Reigns was the star, all up eliminating 12 people, a record.

Some surprise and silly entrants happened, with a surprise entrance with nWo style Kevin Nash. I would love to see him give it a last run or even be a manager to someone. He’s still got it. Sheamus made his return, which was expected and some sillier entrances includes El Torito and JBL. The crowd were having a good time with the match, the Kofi Kingston spot was a lot of fun and the eliminations were exciting.

Roman Reigns even eliminated his Shield members after Dean Ambrose tried to eliminate him first. Could this finally be the end of The Shielf? By the time no. 30 came around and it was Rey Mysterio and no Daniel Bryan the crowd were relentless and I was too. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT HAVE HIM IN THE RUMBLE????? The crowd were chanting for him throughout the show, even during the Title match. It was an insane missed opportunity and I hated it.

The Rumble came down to Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Batisita, clearly the crowd were behind Reigns over these two returnees. To be honest so was I, after CM Punk was eliminated by Kane (who came back and put him through the Spanish announce table), my interest and heart sank. With these three left, I knew Batista would win but I was holding out hope WWE would make a new huge star out of Reigns who is ready. But no, the win went to Batista and I couldn’t help but be disappointed. With so many deserving people *cough* Daniel Bryan *cough* I don’t get why they picked him.

Where things go from here we shall see with tomorrow night’s Raw.

Rating: 3.5/5

9 thoughts on “[Wrestling] Royal Rumble 2014 Results & Thoughts

  1. All in all glad I didn’t pay to watch it then Lol. I will be tuning into raw then to see if they can change the mess they have put themselves.


      • Not good, not good at all.

        Cm punk from what I have read about his appearances over royal rumble weekend is fed up of how the booking is going. For the moment, left the company.

        Daniel Bryan vs triple h, I honestly would not pay to see it, but at least Bryan has a direction coming out of the rumble.

        Batista good wrestler but does not have the same level of charisma as the rock. They seem to be looking to the same direction as cena vs rock for Batista vs orton.

        I will still be watching the free stuff but the paid stuff nah. Unless they really turn it around.


  2. Nice review. This is the first PPV I have seen live for a few years and overall it was decent. I pretty much agree with all of your ratings. I would probably take another point off the Big Show vs Lesnar match that wasn’t even really a match. And a half point off the Rumble. Not having Bryan in there was idiotic, and there were no huge surprises unfortunately. Cena vs Orton was absolutely dire. I like Cena a little more than you I suspect, but him vs Orton has been done to death already.


  3. Lesnar vs. Big Show has been done to death and turns out to be the same match each time (better when they were much younger). Batista is an up and coming movie action hero (Riddick and soon Guardians of the Galaxy) so the WWE wants to broaden their appeal outside the hard-core wrestling fans.


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