[Mini Review] Gravity (2013)


GRAVITY has received a few criticisms lately over the validity of the science used, it isn’t 100% accurate, and honestly why should it be? This isn’t a documentary, it is a film, and the main issue at play here is survival. They have aimed to give this the feel of being realistic, but as film does it needs to give into the fiction. Things were changed to make the film flow better, so did it affect my viewing knowing it wasn’t entirely scientifically accurate? Of course not, GRAVITY is a wonderful film to look at, it does make the audience feel like they are floating in space, and the story of survival at its core is both moving and highly engaging.

Plot (from imdb): A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

That is the film in a nutshell, while on a space station, an accident occurs where debris have caused chaos and they need to abandon their station and get to another one in order to survive. Oxygen is low and chances are the other stations are damaged. While our two astronauts are adrift we do learn a bit about them, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is suffering the loss of her child and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) is on his last mission. They have completely different personalities, and one begins to wonder whether Dr. Stone would have the will to live after her loss.

The survival story is focused around her, and her will to live and to do what it takes. This is what grabbed me, and while something like THE GREY is entirely differently at their core it focuses on the will to live from characters who are suffering great loss. Replace fighting off Wolves and the wilderness with space, I guess. I don’t believe the film would have worked as well as it does without such a strong character, she is one we the audience can get behind and hope she can make it. The film does place the audience in her shoes, it does feel claustrophobic and I had motion sickness during some scenes. This is a unique adventure, one that does feel frightening and it does actually give hope in a dire situation. It is no wonder the film has indeed struck a chord with audiences.

One last piece I wanted to add, the film belongs to Sandra Bullock in what is very easily her best performance. Well done Sandra, you certainly won me over.


Author’s Note: This review is a mini review, not my standard full length review. This is due to on-going health issues, and I’d rather provide a short review than nothing at all. Thanks for your support.

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