[Review] Comic Book Heroes – Episode 2 (2013)


Episode 2 of Comic Book Heroes starts off where the first part left off, we are with the gang of Gestalt at Comic Con and their books haven’t arrived. The stress is on and our hearts are racing, and just when we thought disaster was going to strike, the books arrive and they make it to the Con with something to show and tell.

The second part really focuses on the strain of keeping Gestalt alive and what goes into making this dream a huge reality. Being at SDCC is a huge deal because it opens up a lot of doors and with all the known names at the event, getting noticed can lead to many possibilities. The way this all has been edited together, yes it feels some what rushed (hoping the DVD will have more) however because of that it really is intense and at times white knuckle stuff. There is no way you’d want to see a sad ending to any of this, especially after getting to know those behind the business.

This really is required viewing because it is incredibly important to see what it is like to get a business going, especially something as difficult and unpredictable as the comic book and graphic novel market. These guys put their hearts and souls in, might not have any money and suffer badly, but in the end it is all worth it. It isn’t often you get to see the passion behind the product and Gestalt has lots of passion and every success they have is well earned.

As the doco wraps up, it is great to see the products winning awards, getting recognition and for The Deep a future television series! If anything this is an important documentary for Australia and for Australians to see. We are making a name for ourselves in every way, and we shouldn’t be afraid to. Gestalt has really managed to beat the odds, and their content is worth your time.


You can find episode 1 and 2 on ABC iView – www.abc.net.au/iview

Check out Gestalts library of work – www.gestaltcomics.com

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