Marcey’s Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters (and who should play them)


Bea and Marcey are big fans of MORTAL KOMBAT, these girls love the games. So why not tribute one of their favourite games with a Top 10 list of their favourite characters and who should play them in a new film. Here is Marcey’s list, check out Bea’s here.

Marcey’s Number 10: Ashrah


The Character: I am sure this seems like an odd choice, but the moment I saw her when I cracked open MK: Deception I was impressed. Not only did we have a fully clothed female character but she was very elegant. I loved playing as her, her moves were great and very easy to remember and pull off. I liked that her character was mysterious, was she good or evil? I definitely clocked a lot of hours playing as Ashrah and she quickly became one of my favourites. I love strong female characters and here’s one that doesn’t need to be mostly nude to show off.


Casting: When it came to casting this character, there was only one choice for me with Ziyi Zhang, she has the look set for the character. But not only that, she is a complete badass, who can do martial arts, and I think she’d bring a lot of strength to the character. If anyone can perform in that costume, she can.

Marcey‘s Number 9: Kurtis Stryker


The Character: It is a mystery to me how I became to love Stryker so much, but as a younger lass when I played MK 3 I had a fondness for him. I actually found his moves both challenging to pull off and a lot of fun. I enjoyed what he brought to the game and I really liked his look. His look has changed over the games, but that essence has remained the same. He is a bondfide badass and Marcey likey those! The flavour of Stryker was different, the human characters need to stand out in the MK universe and he certainly did and still does.


The Casting: Basically Luke Evans is the only actor I could see as Stryker, he has the look about him and after Fast 6 he definitely has that bad ass attitude. He could pull off the fighting aspect and the imposing look of the character. I can actually see him in costume as Stryker and by golly it excites me. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Marcey‘s Number 8: Sub-Zero


The Character: Who didn’t love playing as Sub-Zero? I mean when you played against someone it was a race to pick him so you’d have the upper hand with the freezing move. It was fun, he made it an interesting experience as I loved playing as him and I dreaded having to face him, and this goes right back to the first game. He has definitely been a staple of the games, and he’s changed as they progress. I have always found his character to be very interesting, and I loved reading the bio in the booklet that came with the games. Even now I have a great time playing as Sub-Zero and I still dread having to face him. He really is a game character that has stood the test of time, and he remains a favourite of mine. I LOVE HIM!


Casting: Have you seen The Raid? If you have then you’ll know that Joe Taslim is an absolute bad-ass. He proved this once again in Fast 6, and I would love to see him take on the role of Sub-Zero. He would be perfect for the fight scenes and he’s a really strong actor who could easily pull off any non fighting scenes as the character.

Marcey‘s Number 7: Kung Lao


The Character: I have a great fondness for Kung Lao, since his first appearance in MK 2 I have been a huge fan of the character. I love playing as him, I find playing against him a really great challenge and I think his character is extremely interesting. I do enjoy the MK mythos a lot and Kung Lao really brings a lot of that to life. He isn’t a Lui Kang clone, and this might be blasphemy but I actually like him a lot more than Lui as a character. He’s one bad ass mofo, and I love doing that move that has his hat turn into this huge blade.


Casting: It was while watching The Wolverine that it hit me, Will Yun Lee would make the perfect Kung Lao. He is such a great actor, and I think he’d not only bring the fighting scenes alive with Kung Lao but he would embody his essence and have the grace behind him. I actually can not see anyone else in the role now, he for me is Kung Lao and I would love to see this happen.

Marcey‘s Number 6: Baraka


The Character: Oh how I love playing as Baraka, he’s one mean and ugly looking dude. There is something about him though that is appealing, maybe its those insane teeth or maybe it is those awesome blades that come out during a special move, he’s awesome. I found him to be such a tough opponent in MK 2 and when I got to play as him it look me while to learn his moves, but once I did I owned it. He’s continued to be a pretty solid character throughout the series, and my love for him is still as strong as it was. BARAKA RULES!


Casting: This probably needs no explanation, Ray Park is a chameleon and he’d be perfect to disappear into the look of Baraka. We know he has the physical abilities for fight scenes and athletics so he’d have that covered as well. Baraka is definitely more a physical being and Ray Park would get this role down, he’d be great.

Marcey‘s Number 5: Sindel


The Character: Sindel is one hot mamma! She debuted in MK 3 and instantly became a favourite, I loved her look and I loved pulling off her moves. I found that I could play really well as her and I felt good doing it. She provided an interesting new female character and she’s been a strong force in the game series ever since. Plus she wears my fav colour, which is always a huge bonus! My love for Sindel has never left, with each game she has been in I have always played through as her, she’s just so cool I can’t explain it. Her own story is pretty cool too, she looks pretty freaking good for her age too. Sindel is a bad ass woman, she wears purple and has cool hair, I love her so much. I am just gushing at this point haha.


Casting: Why not have a real life badass play Sindel? Gina Carano fits that bill perfectly, she’s a badass and how amazing would the fight scenes be with her doing them? She has the look down pat, just change her hair slightly and bam she’s Sindel. Gina is my perfect choice for the role, she’s becoming a pretty solid actress and action star, she can hold her own and that is exactly the kind of attitude that Sindel needs.

Marcey‘s Number 4: Scorpion


The Character: One of the most powerful and amazing characters since MK 1 is Scorpion! He’s been there since day one, and his ‘Come over here’ trademark quote and move are awesome. I loved playing as Scorpion because I could pull off that move each and every time and I knew I could win by doing so. I could also pull off his Fatality, the first one I managed to do too. He’s an all round bad ass (I use that word alot), just look at him, you wouldn’t wanna mess with him. His back story is another really interesting one, and when his mask/hood comes off, he has a skull head, just awesome. I love Scorpion and he’s been one of my all time favourite characters in all of games for a long time.


Casting: Because I like picking people from Die Another Die (coincidence I swear), Rick Yune to me just fits the bill. He’s an awesome actor first and foremost, and he’s got some pretty good moves to boot. Scorpion not only needs someone who can pull off the fighting moves but he needs someone who can bring in such a large range of emotion and Rick Yune can do that. He puts in 110% in his work, even if he is playing a typical villain he makes the role memorable (think Olympus Has Fallen). I can see him in that costume, I can see him in that role and I’d jump for joy if this ever happened.

Marcey‘s Number 3: Shang Tsung


The Character: Shang Tsung, man you were such a tough character to beat in the first MK game and when you became a playable character you had sweet moves. Shang is a character that really grew on me as he became a playable character, I also happen to think he’s such a bad ass (there’s that word again) and very intriguing. The man steals souls, I mean you don’t get much more of a villain or an asshole than that and I love it. He has a cool look, he had the unsuspecting look in the first game, like as if that old dude could whoop you ass (and he did many times), and then it changed to something more refined. He’s a true staple of the games, and easily one of the best characters in the game and just in games in general. Long live Shang Tsung.


Casting: Let’s face it, the original Mortal Kombat film got the casting of Shang Tsung absolutely perfect with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. The man understood what was required for the role and he really made it his own by just disappearing into the character. Not easy shoes to fill but I’d love to see Tsuyoshi Ihara tackle the role. You may remember him from Ninja or 13 Assassins, he’s got the physical abilities but he has some damn fine acting chops. He knows how to play a villain and make it something different, I think he’d be able to fill the shoes for the character without any problems.

Marcey‘s Number 2: Sonya Blade


The Character: Sonya Blade was the only female character from the first game so of course I love her, and I always have. I loved being an ass kicking tough chick when I played the game and it was a huge event when I finally pulled off her fatality. She was on the same level as the guys and that meant a lot to an impressionable young Marcey. Since then I have always loved Sonya, but then something happened, during the later games her wardrobe changed and became a little ridiculous. This is the reason why she isn’t in the top spot, for as much as I love her, the clothes she was put in were just way over sexualised and made no sense as to whom her character was. But still, she’s an amazing and tough character and despite ready to pop out of her top she can still kick ass and is great to play with. Sonya is one dame you don’t want to mess with.


Casting: Have you seen Game Of Thrones? Maybe you don’t recognise her from this picture that is Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke. This beauty has shown what a strong actress she is and that she is a tough cookie. Being someone who looks hot, has physicality and good acting abilities are a must for Sonya and I see that in Emilia. Give her that blonde hair and perhaps something not as crazy as her costume is in the latest MK game and she’ll rock that role.

Marcey‘s Number 1: Johnny Cage


The Character: Oh Johnny Cage, you really are my all time favourite MK character. Again I have loved him since game 1 and I have shown him loyalty throughout the years. He’s an actor who is a martial artist but goes into the tournament to prove himself, I like that. His original creation steamed from being based on Jean Claude Van Damme from Bloodsport, and you know how much I love JCVD so me loving Cage is basically a given. I admit, yes I even have a crush on him, a game character … yeah shush. So anyway, Johnny Cage is a tough as nails character, he’s got an ego on him (which I love) and his moves are great. I do love playing as him and playing against him is very hard, but a pretty good challenge. He’s awesome and I could just gush about him all day. Muah love you Johnny Cage, from your biggest fan Marcey xo


Casting: This should not come as a surprise to those that know me, I do see Scott Adkins as the perfect Johnny Cage. He can do the martial arts stuff, obviously (watch Undisputed II) and he’s turned into a pretty cool actor as well which is perfect for Cage. Johnny while not a complex character on the surface certainly does have layers, he’s a man with something to prove. I can see Adkins in that role, being able to pull off the character elements, while kicking ass and taking names on the side. For me its a match made in heaven and I’ll probably faint if this ever does happen.


2 thoughts on “Marcey’s Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters (and who should play them)

  1. this is a great list. excellent choices. The only one im iffy about is Clarke as Sonya. She’s beautiful and a fine actress but I think she’s to small. Can’t think of anyone right now to suggest…but overall an excellent list.


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