Blu-ray Review: The Thieves [M15] by Bea Harper

TheThieves-blu1Director: Choi Dong Hoon
Starring: Yun-seok Kim, Hae-suk Kim, Jung-Jae Lee, Angelica Lee

The Film: Ah, South Korea, again you delight me.

Any indiscriminate film lover has their favourite genre flick, sometimes two or three, and I’m completely going to forgo the segue here because I can’t be any more verbose, but those who love a great fun, slick and stylish heist flick should give ‘The Thieves’ a bash. Everything that makes a heist film awesome in is this movie- quadruple dealing, backstabbing, witty dialogue, a rainbow of colourful characters and an exhaustive array of dazzling locations compliment this rollercoaster about a band of wily scofflaws who are out to steal the Tear of the Sun- a 318-carat diamond worth a non-too-shabby 20 million smackaroos.

While there isn’t technically anything truly new here, what works most in ‘The Thieves’ favor is apart from the bombastic tomfoolery, the characters share an interesting network of relationships- ex-lovers, friends, loose canons and jokers fill this deck and throughout the story you get to see various communication dynamics between them. These folks don’t interact like Danny Ocean and his close-knit 11 because they have their own opinions and at times are not afraid to voice them one way or another. The charisma and interplay between the actors in their roles is a joy to watch and it’s clearly obvious that they adored every moment being on this project because they felt comfortable and secure in their environment.

Director Choi Dong- hun admitted before production went ahead on the film he was quite afraid to be directing a complicated shoot that he was fearful the film would end up to be a disaster- it truly goes to show the director’s will power and discipline to make the best film he possible can is strong. Choi Dong-hun- you’re cool, we’re cool, everybody is completely cool. This was a fantastic film, and I’m glad I now own it.

The Australian Blu-ray
* Making of- generic but still pleasant fare.
* Meet The Thieves- It is what it is. And that’s fine.

Review written by Bea Harper

Overall Rating


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.


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