DVD Review: Falling Overnight [M15]

fallingovernightDir: Conrad Jackson
Starring: Parker Croft, Emilia Zoryan

The Film:
I am not one that goes and seeks out a film that focuses on romance; I guess the typical Hollywood story just puts me off. However I am far more open to seeing a film that focuses on romance that isn’t part of the Hollywood system – aka independent cinema. Falling Overnight is a great indie film, a romantic/drama that shares common elements with a film I loved a lot called Weekend.

It is the story of boy meets girl, and they start to fall for each other during the course of an evening. However boy harbours a secret that can basically put a timeframe on their relationship. This secret is very heartbreaking, it is something that is a catalyst and it does not harm how likeable and enjoyable these characters are. I didn’t feel it was there just to tug at heartstrings, it added an interesting layer to the experience.

The film looks great, and it flows nicely. The two leads are wonderful, especially Emilia Zoryan who is rather delightful as Chloe. Parker Croft is also good, and his passion was there as he served as one of the writers along with director Conrad Jackson and Aaron Golden. This is an unexpectedly little gem of a film, the love is there and it comes together really well.

Forget watching the Hollywood film you’ve seen done many times over and take a chance on this indie goodness.

Reviewers Note: This review is a mini-review, and not a full-length review due to my on-going health and medical issues. Unfortunately for now my reviews will be brief, it is the only way I can bring you reviews at all. Thanks for your understanding and support.

The Australian DVD 
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.


DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill care of Accent Film Entertainment for the copy.


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