It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Cinema Blog-a-thon – Week 1: Linda Linda Linda (2005)


What’s a Blog-a-thon? This blog-a-thon is a challenge, its participants have chosen films the other has not seen to watch and review.
November Blog-a-thon criteria: Gems Of World Cinema
Why Sam Chose This Film For Marcey:I feel like I’m always recommending Marcey dark, nasty, films (and she has a few coming this month), so I gave her this almost as a palette cleanser. I saw Linda Linda Linda a few years back because I had become a big fan of the South Korean actress Bae Doo-na, who stars in this Japanese film as an exchange student who gets recruited as a replacement singer for an all girl punk band who have some songs to rehearse for their school’s talent contest. It’s a fun little teen movie with some great music and a typically disarming performance from Bae, whose talent, beauty and charm put me in mind of Audrey Hepburn. It’s a treat.

Marcey’s Review: I was rather shocked to get a film from Sam for this Blog-a-thon that wasn’t dark or disturbing in some way, so immediately I was excited to see Linda Linda Linda. From a quick search online, the film looked very cute and a ‘feel good’ sort of film. Again from Sam, it is rare to get this kind of recommendation so I did go against my norm and I was actually hyped for this film. I can safely say it did live up to the hype I set for myself, and this was a very fun and enjoyable film.

Lind Linda Linda is a simple story, about an all girl band in High School who loses a member and then finds a new one in Korean exchange student Son (Bae Doo-na). The girls (the rest made up of Kyoko played by Aki Maeda, Kei played by Yuu Kashii and Nozomi played by Shiori Sekine) have to learn to play together and form a bond. Yes there are difficulties and the film does end with the concert they practiced for. It does have those clichéd elements but that does not really make this any less fun or enjoyable. It is an honest film even if you do know where it is headed, and it still feels quite fresh and rewarding.

Linda Linda Linda

I really liked the script, I thought it was nicely written (let’s hope the subtitles weren’t that far off) and it actually took time to develop our story and characters. It was well paced, except right in the middle where it became a little off. It is a very lovely looking film; I was big fan of how it was shot and the cinematography. Nobuhiro Yamashita is a director whose work I am unfamiliar with, and I was really impressed with what was achieved here. For the most part it was very energetic, lively and at times loud, which did work like a charm.

The cast are great, and I have to agree with Sam on Bae Doo-na, she is great. I did also sense that Audrey Hepburn charm and beauty, she was my favourite of the main four. I actually am excited to see her in Cloud Atlas; she is definitely a talent to watch. I also really liked the other three, they each brought their own flavour and cuteness to the show. The music here was fantastic; I enjoyed every second of that. From their practises to the final show, it was always a pleasure and I found myself singing “Linda Linda Linda”.

I had a great time with this film and I am glad Sam gave me something rather different to check out. It isn’t too often I get to see a Japanese film that isn’t of the horror genre and honestly, it is quite refreshing.


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