Marcey’s Live Tweets For Diamonds Are Forever, Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun

I decided that with my down time, I may as well embark on all 22 Bond films in the lead up to Skyfall’s Australian release this week. Rather than review each film, as I still am not able to type very well,  I figured I’d live tweet my viewing.

So broken down by each film, with the tweets I’ve made – you can check them out below. In order of first to last of course – you can also follow my tweets at the link below.

Marcey Bond ‏@supermarcey

Connery at his sexiest and he begins with the best one liner and action towards a woman! #DiamondsAreForever

A very cool and sexy opening title sequence with diamonds and song performed by Shirley Bassey #DiamondsAreForever

At this point Connery is just letting loose with that accent .. reow #DiamondsAreForever

So are these blood diamonds? Leonardo DiCaprio may show up yo! #DiamondsAreForever

Sweet flirt between Moneypenny and Bond ❤ love it #DiamondsAreForever

“Let me finish dressing” she says, Bond replies with “Please don’t.” well that’s all I heard! He’s a fox! #DiamondsAreForever

The dialogue is clearly meant to be funny with some one-liners but I am laughing way too hard. #DiamondsAreForever

#DiamondsAreForever starts off fun, and it just doesn’t stop. It is still an exciting film even with some silly moments that have charm.

“Hi, I’m Plenty!” and Bond replies “I bet you are.” – love it! #DiamondsAreForever

If my quotes are a bit off, sorry for that. I am going by instant memory & mine sucks. #DiamondsAreForever

Didn’t take much for Bond to remove Plenty’s dress. Then she got thrown out the window, and he’s all casual! #DiamondsAreForever

Sweet car chase! #DiamondsAreForever

Blofeld is a neat villain, Charles Gray does a good job but Pleasence was the best #DiamondsAreForever

“Hi, I’m Bambi.” “And I’m Thumper.” What’s not to love about the series? #DiamondsAreForever

Bond casually holds two women’s heads under water like it’s nothing! Sheesh man! #DiamondsAreForever

Wait, is Blofeld in drag???? #DiamondsAreForever

I really do love #DiamondsAreForever a lot. It’s fun and funny, it’s a blast.

Just snorted over Blofeld yelling “YOU STUPID IDIOT!” hehe #DiamondsAreForever

Huzzah – explosions! #DiamondsAreForever

Man on fire – jumps overboard! #DiamondsAreForeverBond attaches a bomb to a man’s butt “He certainly left with his tail between his legs.” Oh Bond! #DiamondsAreForever


Last time I watched #LiveAndLetDie I don’t think I was in a great mood, and I never realized … it was Jane Seymour (duh)

I’ve always liked the title credit sequence. The song performed by Paul McCartney is pretty neat too #LiveAndLetDie

“You’re not married by any chance are you?” Oh so classy Bond lol #LiveAndLetDie

Moneypenny – I lurve you #LiveAndLetDie

Roger Bond is rather cheeky! Unzipping that dress with his magnetic watch! Love it. #LiveAndLetDie

Jane Seymour is just … Meoowww! #LiveAndLetDie

The gadgets are very inventive and pretty neat for the early 70’s. #LiveAndLetDie

The sexy slithering snake! #LiveAndLetDie

I love how he makes an instant flame thrower to stop the snake then casually puts on his after shave! #007 #LiveAndLetDie

I find Rosie rather annoying, so much screaming!! #LiveAndLetDie

Bond wants to nail Jane Seymour, and uses a card trick to make it happen! Cheeky Monkey! #Deflowered #LiveAndLetDie

Lots of awesome over acting! #LiveAndLetDie

I do like the score a lot. #LiveAndLetDie

Again with the slapping women!! Sheesh! It’s happened in almost every film thus far. #LiveAndLetDie

Sheriff Pepper feels awfully out of place. #LiveAndLetDie

I think the villains are rather weak in this, just not a huge fan. They don’t really work for me, as much as I enjoy the film #LiveAndLetDie


Tattoo!!!! #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

A three nippled Christopher Lee #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Don’t mind the title sequence. The theme performed by Lulu is pretty strong and different. #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Ah yes this one has Britt Eckland #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

There’s Moneypenny #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Not surprising, Bond likes to watch women shower lol #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Here we go, Bond has slapped a woman! Should I have a ‘Woman Slapped’ counter? #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Tattoo is the best thing about this film – obviously! #FantasyIsland #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Wow that was an awful fake third nipple Bond. #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Bond uses the wedgie technique to try get away from a Sumo – ummm #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Christopher Lee is just awesome #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

So wait, Bond nails Maud while Britt is in the closet?! Has he no shame? #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Damn really why is Sheriff Pepper in this? #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Britt is very cute in this #TheManWithAGoldenGun

Tattoo is the best villain sidekick ever #MaybeExaggerating #HesDamnAwesome #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Is it a coincidence Tattoo is on an island in #TheManWithTheGoldenGun ? It might actually be #FantasyIsland

Tattoo in tails! Awesome! #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Goodnight did a very silly thing – ooops #TheManWithTheGoldenGun

Bond vs. Tattoo is the greatest thing ever! #TheManWithTheGoldenGun


Stay tuned for more live Tweets with The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and For Your Eyes Only.

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