Check out the 1st official teaser trailer, image and poster for World War Z

While I haven’t had a chance to finish reading the novel that WORLD WAR Z is based on (so far I’ve read the first couple of chapters) but from what I’ve read from it and have seen so far from the film adaptation, it looks as though that it’s going to be quite different from the novel (if you have read it yourself, you’ll know exactly why). While I would have prefered a more faithful adaptation of the original source material, I’m still quite looking to forward to it nonetheless. Hopefully it’ll still deliver as a fun, scary and action-packed zombie film. One of the things that I’m excited about for the film, besides getting to see Brad Pitt take on a world full of zombies of course, is finally getting to see a big budget zombie film that’s both epic and grand in scope. So I’ll definitely be checking out the film for sure.

The film’s first official teaser trailer, image and poster have all hit the net, and you can check them all out right here.

WORLD WAR Z will be released on Australian screens in June 2013.

Synposis: In June 2013, one man (Brad Pitt) will race against time to bring a divided world together on the eve of its final hour. Every culture, every weapon and every army will rise because the only hope for survival is war.

Here’s the trailer:

For updates on the film, please visit the Australian Facebook Page –

– Bede Jermyn


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