DVD Review: Jay And Silent Bob Get Irish [MA15]

Starring: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

The Feature:
Jay And Silent Bob aka Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are back with another DVD, this time they get Irish! The DVD set features two shows in Ireland, and the second disc features a special show in Las Vegas.

As with Tea Bagging In The UK, this is a real treat for fans of Smith and Mewes and a great way to get initiated if you haven’t seen or heard their stuff before. It is basically a live podcast, and the pair seems to have a really great time doing the show before an audience.

The pair talks about anything and everything, no matter how taboo or crude. It surely isn’t stuff for anyone who is easily offended, you will hear these men talk about their dangly parts, as well as the dangly parts of others (the Liam Neeson stuff was a riot). The pair continues to work well together, and share a natural chemistry that comes with being life long friends.

It was a good time with each of the three shows, each bringing in different laughs and topics. I often found myself shocked at some of the things they talked about, but also not surprised they actually ventured there. The behind the scenes stuff with Mewes is also good, as he acts as the tourist to the places they visit. This is highly recommended for fans of either Smith, Mewes, or the Smodcast. If you are new to this, this is a good place to start; there is no easing in to their brand of humour you just have to jump in.

Also be sure to check out the interview I did with Jason Mewes himself (here) for more of an insight into the man.

The Australian DVD:
Video/Audio: The video is presented in 16:9, it looks pretty nice. The picture is rather sharp, and clear as well as the audio which is quite strong.

* Let Us F@ck!

Members of the audience get involved in the show, in this 10 minute long extra. It is a hoot, so check it out to cap off your viewing.


You can purchase the DVD here.

Thanks to Bill for the copy.

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