Interview: Jason Mewes talks Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Clerks and Kevin Smith was lucky enough to have to opportunity to have a chat with Jason Mewes (big thanks to Bill), about the new DVD Jay And Silent Bob Get Old – Tea Bagging In The UK. Jason also spoke to me about Clerks, Kevin Smith and his experiences. We here at are very happy to be bringing you this fantastic interview, we have all been fans of Jason’s since Clerks and it is nothing but an absolute pleasure to support his work.

Marcey Papandrea: Hello Jason!

Jason Mewes: Hey there, how are you doing?

Marcey: Fantastic how about yourself?

Jason: Doing great!

Marcey: We are here today to talk about the new Jay And Silent Bob Get Old DVD, Tea Bagging In The UK, very exciting!

Jason: It is very exciting!

Marcey: I watched this recently and it was just amazing, you guys just don’t get old! It was awesome!

Jason: Why thank you.

Marcey: So what was that whole experience of touring in the UK with the show like for you? It seemed like a real great experience.

Jason: It really is, it was a very great experience because Kevin and I have been working together for years and we’ve been friends for years. It’s always a lot of fun whether we’re doing a movie or a podcast, but you know on top of that it’s been awesome too because for about a year or so now my wife has been helping out with stuff here and there and she’s caught on to a lot of this stuff quick, she’s awesome. So anyway now the three of us are working together on Smodcast as a team, so when we have a couple of down days we can go out and film stuff. Like go sight seeing and film that, so this time we went to Scotland and London, but we’ve been all over, even there to Australia, all with my wife and my best friend. The shows were fun and great and traveling all over has been just great, I’ve had a blast.

Marcey: It looked like a blast, and you definitely pulled off that kilt (Edinburgh show) by the way!

Jason: (laughs) Awe why thank you!

Marcey: You are very welcome. As I was watching your new DVD, it really occurred to me that all of this started with Clerks, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. When you look back at that film, are you surprised by how popular it has become and the direction your life took after that?

Jason: Oh yeah, well then I definitely had no idea. Because doing even that movie in the beginning, where it was like I had no dreams of doing any of this stuff we’ve done now. You know I was roofing at the time, fresh out of High School I got that job, and it was really hard and miserable work. I mean yeah it was good at 17 and making a decent amount of cash every week. Kevin then said to me he was going to shoot a movie and wrote a part for me. I didn’t even really think too much about it, I thought ‘cool we’re going to go shoot this movie with some friends and some new people I hadn’t met’. I didn’t really think too much about it at the time, so we shot it and when it was done I went right back to my roofing job. I didn’t really know about the process of it, I didn’t know there were film festivals, with people and studio’s watching it and films getting sold there. I really didn’t know about that process at all, so they were out there shopping it around trying to get things going. So Miramax buys it and it’s gonna be on the big screen, that was exciting! Still then, work wise, I didn’t really think anything about it, I was like just ‘Wow cool you got this movie that’s playing in theatres, it got bought by a studio’ then we cut to a year later and me still working with the roofing and then we’re going to do Mallrats. And that’s really when it hit me ‘Wow man this is actually something I could possibly do for a living and I wont have to roof anymore and or do this construction work’. Right after Mallrats or around doing Mallrats there was a guy Malcolm Ingram who was like ‘I have $100,000 I’m going to make an independent movie called Drawing Files and I want you to be in it.’ So I was in Minnesota, went back home for a week and then ended up in Vancouver to shoot this movie. So yeah looking back I just had no idea I’d be doing this, and I know that isn’t a real answer to the question (laughs) but yeah I didn’t think I’d end up in the entertainment business and working with my friend Kevin Smith.

Marcey: Pretty incredible when you think about it, and Jay and Silent Bob have had staying power.

Jason: Yeah, even though we aren’t shooting films with the same characters we are still using the names Jay and Silent Bob, like for our podcast and we’re doing a Jay and Silent Bob animated movie. And we’ve just released two games for the iPad, apps for the iPad and iPhone based on Jay and Silent Bob! They are called Let Us Dance and Too Fat To Fly so you can get it for iPad and iPhone and it’s fun. So if you have an iPhone please check it out, just search on iTunes for Let Us Dance and Too Fat To Fly.

Marcey: I want to go play those right now.

Jason: Oh please do, they are cool games to play, like if you are sitting at your computer or waiting at the grocery store or even for when you’re on the crapper (laughs).

Marcey: I’ll definitely be checking those out, the apps for the crapper! (laughs)
Jason: (laughs) For sure, they are great fun!

Marcey: So we have some questions sent in from our sites readers and podcast listeners, I’ve picked a couple to ask you. Logan local New Jersey boy asks ‘What is your favourite film featuring Jay and Silent Bob’

Jason: It’s Mallrats!

Marcey: Oh yeah! Mallrats baby!

Jason: Oh yeah, you know it was an experience for me right there and it kind of answers your other question. It was so surreal to me, we shot it in Minneapolis, we went from like 10 guys, friends to a big studio movie with like 40 crewmembers. We’re in the mall, I’m getting $500 cash for just eating and drinking (laughs), we’re in a different state so there’s different union rules ect. But yeah it was so surreal to me and so awesome, it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I got to work with Stan Lee, I’m a huge comic book fan, and I was as big of a fan as I am now then as I am now so that was great! Then we had Shannon Doherty on the film, and I was a huge 90210 fan (laughs). It really was just a surreal experience; it was so much fun and it’s a great movie. I enjoy it a lot, kids hanging out in the mall with comic books and all that. Okay Marcey let’s fit one more in!

Marcey: Okay, I picked the safest question, now I’ll ask the least safe one. Jinster wants to know whether you have ever had a sex dream about Kevin Smith!?

Jason: (laughs) Oh you know I actually haven’t! I’ll honestly tell the truth about this, I can’t even picture that like at all. You know on our podcast he talks about sex with his wife and stuff, and it’s something I can’t even begin to think about (laughs). I can’t picture him having sex, that’s just the way it is (laughs). Thank you very much Marcey for taking the time out to talk with me.

Marcey: Jason thank you so much, it was an absolute pleasure to talk to you.

Jason: Remember to download the apps and take a crap (laughs), just kidding!

Marcey: It’s downloading right now (laughs), thank you once again!

Jason: You’re very welcome.

My review for Jay And Silent Bob Get Old is HERE and Jay And Silent Bob Get Irish is HERE.

Jay And Silent Bob Get Old DVD’s are available now on DVD, you can click the pictures below for more details!

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