Weekly Poster Highlights For Sept 24-30

I hope you folks are up for a brand new feature here at SM.com – a weekly round-up/highlights of the latest film posters! You know I love posters, we had ‘Awesome Film Poster Of The Day’ for a few years as well as ‘Awful Film Poster Of The Week’ and now they are back.

Each week I’ll highlight the latest poster releases with a Best and Worst for each week.

Weekly Poster Highlights for September 24th to September 30th


First up are three wonderful posters for Argo, each looks pretty solid and I felt they were all worth mentioning here! I may be biased towards the Ben Affleck one.

Life Of Pi

A Portugese poster for Life Of Pi has surfaced, and it really is quite beautiful. I love the design, the smaller pictures making a larger one, really great stuff.

Wreck It Ralph

Two posters have surfaced for Wreck It Ralph with the one of the left being an international one, and the right one being a bit different. I love both, they actually get me very excited for the film. I would love to hang the one on the right up!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

From the Facebook page of Peter Jackson is a new poster for The Hobbit featuring a whole array of characters from the film. A nice concept I have to say, not my favourite however.

The Collection

The latest for this film is a kind of mash-up of what we have seen previously and similar to the first films main art work. I like it, I think it is well done and very eye catching.

Cloud Atlas

A bunch of banners were released for Cloud Atlas, they look pretty fantastic! I’ve pictured the one I like the best, and it really gets me excited for this film!

Best Poster of the Week: Almost Human

This is amazing! This poster features the artwork of Tom Hodge and it really is stunning. I love throw-backs to classic film poster art and this is definitely 80’s inspired.

Worst Poster of the Week: Identity Thief

As much as I hate to feature Jason Bateman here, this just does not work. It tells me nothing about the film aside from he’s in it, and seeing a huge face just does nothing for me.

Classic Poster of the Week: Double Indemnity

That is it for this week, hope you’ve gotten a fix for some of this weeks new film posters. Check back next week for more posters!

Posters Source: IMP Awards

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