Super Podcast Ep 98 – We pay tribute to The Asylum and offer up our epic film pitches

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Super Podcast Ep 98 – We pay tribute to The Asylum and offer up our epic film pitches

Super Podcast is here once again, with your co-hosts Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn with special guest A.J. Hakari of CineSlice!

In this podcast we pay tribute to The Asylum, the amazing company that brought us such classics as Nazis At The Center Of The Earth, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Transmorphers, Sherlock Holmes (with an iron man) and Titanic II!

We also give The Asylum three film pitches! Yes folks, we are giving film pitches to The Asylum! The film pitches are for The Expendables-type films that we believe The Asylum should invest in!

Each member of the podcast has their own pitch, be sure to listen to each one!

Highlights include:

Michael Dudikoff appears in all 3 pitches!

Loren Avedon and Billy Blanks make the cut!

Mr. Woodbine get’s an awesome character in A.J’s pitch!

Of course Gary Busey is included!

As usual you can find us at:

Hosts on Twitter – @SuperMarcey, @BedeJermyn

Guest on Twitter – @MadMovieMan

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