Sink your teeth into two new clips from Bait 3D

Bait 3D is hitting Australian screens this Thursday the 20th of September, and to celebrate the release we have two brand new clips from the film for you. I don’t know about you but I enjoy a classic tale of shark vs. man, and Bait 3D certainly has a pretty cool setting!

Scope out the clips below, as well as the trailer and synopsis!

Clip – Flood featuring Xavier Samuel

Clip – Keep Going featuring Lincoln Lewis, Cariba Heine and Alex Russell

Synopsis: A tsunami swallows a sleepy beach community. A group of survivors find themselves trapped in a flooded underground supermarket and soon discover they are not alone, the tsunami has brought unwanted visitors from the depths. The survivors quickly realise their battle is not only to overcome the threat of drowning, but a threat far more sinister – hungry great white sharks.

The film stars Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin, Xavier Samuel and Alex Russell. It was directed by Kimble Rendall.


For more info check out the official Facebook Page –

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