Logan’s Holiday Viewing Guide

Muppet Christmas Carol

This one is a holiday tradition. Take a classic Christmas tale, add the Muppets, and bam! Excellence. The first Muppet movie I saw in theaters is recommended seasonal viewing for moi, and a great family film for you and your kin.  Muppet God bless us all, everyone.


Updating the classic Christmas Carol with a modern day twist, Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross, the Ebenezer Scrooge of the corporate television programming world. The tale is as strong as it ever was, even with the new coat of paint, and Murray does great work here as the stingy dude who learns through lessons to have a heart of gold.

Home Alone

The first movie I ever saw twice in theaters, Home Alone uses Christmas to demonstrate the power of family who are separated by an and an accident (Kevin McCallister, played by Maculay Culkin, is left by himself after the rest of his family makes way to Paris via plane). With Kevin by himself, he must protect his house from two robbers that want the goods of the McCallister homestead. Cue slapstick comedy at its finest. A good watch, at least for nostalgic purposes alone.

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