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[Review] The Lorax (2012) by Logan Fowler

When it comes to literary adaptations for film, the books we hold near and dear to us will come under heavy scrutiny if their transfers to film don’t work as best as we will hope. This is a philosophy that I recently faced when The Lorax recently debuted at local multiplexes. The book it is … Continue reading

DVD Review: Peep World [MA15]

Dir: Barry W. Blaustein Starring: Judy Greer, Michael C. Hall, Taraji P. Henson, Kate Mara, Ron Rifkin, Ben Schwartz, Sarah Silverman, Lesley Ann Warren, Rainn Wilson The Film:Peep World is the story of the Meyerwitz family; mainly father Henry (Ron Rifkin), his sons Joel (Rainn Wilson), Jack (Michael C. Hall), Nathan (Ben Schwartz), and daughter … Continue reading

Logan’s Holiday Viewing Guide

Muppet Christmas Carol This one is a holiday tradition. Take a classic Christmas tale, add the Muppets, and bam! Excellence. The first Muppet movie I saw in theaters is recommended seasonal viewing for moi, and a great family film for you and your kin.  Muppet God bless us all, everyone. Scrooged Updating the classic Christmas … Continue reading

The Muppets 2011 – Review by Logan J Fowler

Who ever thought that The Muppets would make a successful comeback? Not many of us jaded fans, as we believed that Kermit and friends would never find their way back to stardom. But Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You, Man), a self proclaimed fan of Jim Henson’s creation, has worked with Disney, owners … Continue reading

Thor Review (By Logan J Fowler)

With The Avengers movie a year and change away, Marvel Studios is churning out the origin flicks this summer with movies featuring two of the team’s big names. The first one up is Thor. Hollywood had a difficult task here; how to have audience connect with the character? Thor is not like other superheroes, as … Continue reading