Our Weekly Recommendations (March 15th 2011)

Every week the people of Super Website (Super Blog) will give you a recommendation of a Film, DVD, Bluray, Book, Soundtrack or any other item for you the readers to check out.
Super Marcey Recommend’s:

Near Dark

Having recently met the great Lance Henriksen recently, I was reminded of this amazing film. It still stands as my favourite vampire film and just one of my all time favourite films. I love everything about Near Dark, the story, the script, the directing, the acting, the cinematography, the visuals and the list goes on. I love the concept of this group of vampires who take in this young and innocent man, and to become one of them he needs to be something he can’t bare to be, but for the love of one of them he goes along for this ride. It is an incredibly smart film, it doesn’t even mention the term ‘vampire’ and everything just seems to make sense. The performances are fantastic, from Adrian Pasdar to Jenny Wright as the star crossed lovers and then we have Henriksen, Bill Paxton and Jenette Goldstein as the real crazy ones of this group. I can watch this film all the time, there is just something about it. Thank you to the team of Katheryn Bigelow and Eric Red!
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Nick Bosworth Recommend’s:

Jackass 3D

I’ll be the first to admit that back when the first JACKASS movie came out, I honestly wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it looked childish, degrading and stupid even though I was a young kid myself all those years ago when it first came out. But then on one fine and magical day, I decided what the hell and tossed in the movie. Since that day, I have been absolutely ADDICTED to anything that these guys produce for us. I overcame my hypocrisy and man am I ever happy about that cause I challenge anyone to find me a series of movies that makes the general audience belly-laugh as hard these movies do (other than BORAT and BRUNO of course). With JACKASS 3D however as host Johnny Knoxville says…they took it to whole other level. Now I did see the third movie in this epic trilogy in the theatre and I’m comfortable in saying that it was one of the funniest and best uses of 3D technology ever (who wouldn’t laugh at a bowl full of 3D dildos exploding in the air) and the crew of JACKASS definitely push the limits of human torture and madness as the stunts were some of their funniest and best. From a bit called “Electric Avenue” to the “Poop Cocktail Supreme”, the boys cover it all with some really really funny shit. Some out there may think that the guys have lost their touch as they’re all getting older now but I’m here to say that is simply nott the case. Even Wee-man is pushing 38 years old and watching him flip through the air on wires or dressing up as a Leprechaun with a special pot of gold is some of the funniest and most painful shit I’ve ever witnessed. So if you’re fan of the previous movies and TV series or you’ve never been brave enough to give it a try, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go buy or rent JACKASS 3D now cause you just might be thinking like I was before I saw the first film. Here’s to JACKASS 4D!
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Bede Jermyn Recommend’s:

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

After tackling films that dealt with either flesh-eating zombies, muscle-bound Spartan warriors and superheroes who suffer from erectile dysfunction, director Zack Snyder has decided to go in a completely different direction with his 4th film by making a CG animated family film about owls…Yes, you heard me right. The director of such fantastic and very violent live-action adult fare like the “Dawn Of The Dead” remake, “300” and “Watchmen” is directing a CG animated family film about owls of all things? How could this possibly work? Well, I can tell you right now that Zack Snyder did managed to make it surprisingly work. Based on the first 3 books in the “Guardians Of Ga’Hoole” series by Kathryn Lasky, the film tells the story of a young owl named Soren (voiced by Jim Sturgess) who along with his brother Kludd (voiced by Ryan Kwanten) are kidnapped by the Pure Ones, an group of evil owls that are lead by Metalbeak (voiced by Joel Edgerton) and his mate Nyra (voiced by Helen Mirren) who plan on brainwashing all the abducted young owls into becoming soldiers for their army. After managing to escape with fellow slave Gylfie (voiced by Emily Barclay), Soren decides to go on a journey to find and seek help from the legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole, a group of wise and noble warrior owls who he believes will help him rescue his brother and stop the Pure Ones from ruling the kingdom of Ga’Hoole. This is very a well made and very enjoyable film that could have easily been played too cutesy, but thankfully Snyder gives the film enough of a slight dark edge to it so it doesn’t feel like that at all. Actually in some ways, the film reminded me of a lot of the family films I use to watch as a kid, especially the classic ones from the 80’s. Also this is quite possibly one of the most visually stunning animated films I have seen in a long time. Seriously, everything about the animation in this film is absolutely breathtaking in both character design and scenery. I have to admit I’m kind of kicking myself for having missed this on the big screen (I bet it would have looked amazing in 3D as well). The entire voice cast all do a great job with their performances (I also really enjoyed the fact that 95% of the cast consisted of Australian actors, plus they even got to keep their accents which was pretty cool), the score was beautifully done and the action scenes were pretty awesome (and yes, in case you were wondering, Snyder does indeed do his trademark slo-mo stuff in the battle scenes but it works extremely well here). Granted while the plot isn’t anything new (if you have seen “Star Wars” or “The Lord Of The Rings” you’ll know what to expect) and It does feel a little too rushed at times (it would have helped if it was 10 minutes longer) but overall I still had a great time with it and definitely recommend everyone to check it out if you like to see something different from Snyder.
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Pat Torfe Recommend’s:

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

I had a bit of trouble this week on what exactly to recommend to you folks, seeing as I didn’t see anything that really blew me away that you probably haven’t already seen. I say that because while I did see Army Of Darkness, I figured that everyone and their grandma have seen Bruce being everyone’s lovable dickhead coward. That said, I’m instead reaching back to 1986 with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. I know there are some fans who have said that this isn’t one of the better Friday sequels, but to them I say ‘bite me’. The film introduced us to a badass zombified Jason (how else can you revive a guy who had a machete plowed into the side of his head?), as well as made some pokes to the franchise that got a chuckle out of me without resorting to insulting my meagre intelligence. Thom Matthews continued to impress after his stint in Return Of The Living Dead the year prior, making the Tommy Jarvis character a person obsessed with seeing Jason definitively dead. Obviously that’s not the case, since hockey puss gets reanimated, punches Tommy’s friend’s heart out of his chest and sets his sights on Crystal Lake. The film isn’t the goriest, but there are still spots (such as the cabin plastered with gore and the infamous backbreaker bit) that should satisfy fans. Plus, having Alice Cooper provide some catchy songs (I love me some ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)’, which gets a spin on my iPod every so often) is the best. Avoid the bare-bones DVD, and instead spring for the Friday the 13th boxset or the 2-disc DVD that was released not too long ago to hear (and see) folks like director Tom McLoughlin talking about breathing life into the series, and also being cool all-around people.
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