Armageddon Expo 2011 Interview: David Anders

TopLogo-01For the first time the Armageddon Expo headed to Adelaide, Australia bringing with them some big names and I was there, to bring you all the excitement! A great time was had, the guests were fantastic and they took some time out to have a chat with me over the weekend.

DavidAnders1Marcella Papandrea: Hello David, thanks for coming and having a chat to me, how has Armageddon been so far?

David Anders: Thanks, yeah it’s been great, I’ve been great, having a blast. I have never been to Australia before, this is my first time.

MP: Welcome, hopefully you’ve been enjoying your stay here.

DA: Thanks, yeah definitely it’s an awesome country, it really is. The people have been great, and the sites are great, Sydney was great. I’ve been really enjoying my time in Adelaide, it’s been fun.

MP: Adelaide is a little more quieter than Sydney.

DA: Yeah but it is so relaxed and there is a lot going on too. Very cool.

MP: Can you tell us about what you are currently working on with The Vampire Diaries?

DA: Yeah, The Vampire Diaries. We’ve got like three episodes left to shoot for this season. Yeah we worked out that I wasn’t actually in the episode that is filming now which allowed me to come here.

MP: How has your time been on the show?

DA: It’s been so great.

MP: You play an interesting character.

DA: Yeah yeah … he is interesting, Uncle John … well, Papa John actually (laughs).

MP: He’s really all sorts of things (laughs).

DA: (laughs) Yeah he’s a badie, he wants all the vampires dead. But suddenly that makes me the bad guy (laughs).

MP: It’s so complicated.

DA: (laughs) It so is right.

MP: I mean when you look at it, how are you the bad guy when you want to kill vampires, aren’t they meant to be the villains?

DA: (laughs) Yeah well that happens when the vampires are your heroes.

MP: The dynamic automatically changes.

DA: Yeah, you’ve got your good vampires and your bad ones. But Uncle John comes from the school of ‘they are all bad’.

MP: I guess if you look at it from a different perspective he isn’t really a bad guy.

DA: (laughs) Exactly.

MP: Has it been a lot of fun? It seems like it!

DA: Oh yeah, it’s such a great group there. We have fun, we shoot in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a fun town. We have a great group of actors and crew, we have a lot of fun.

MP: Looking forward to seeing what happens on the show.

DA: Yeah me too.

MP: It’s at that ‘very interesting’ stage.

DA: Yes it really is, where are you guys up to here? Up to speed?

MP: Yes we are, it airs Thursday over in the States and they screen it here the following week. Which is great, it’s changed where we had to wait an entire year for a show to start.

DA: Yeah right that’s great (laughs). No spoilers then! (laughs) I never know what to say, usually I can not say too much anyway.


MP: Were you surprised your character was brought back this season?

DA: No not at all, I mean once it was revealed that ‘she was my daughter’ you know that’s a good reason to come back. But naturally I didn’t know what my fate was after last season when I had my fingers chopped off and stabbed I really didn’t know if I was going to live. But when they did keep me alive I knew (winks) that I’d be back.

MP: Is it weird for you to be on this show and not have an accent?

DA: (laughs) I know right? It is kinda actually, it really is. I am used to playing an Englishman.

MP: In my mind I was almost expecting you to have that accent (laughs).

DA: (laughs, puts on English accent) Oh, just wait a minute and I will.

MP: I guess you’d be so used to it that it just comes naturally now?

DA: Yeah it is, its funny like that. The directors and stuff are more convinced that I can’t play an American now. And I’m like ‘Look me up bro, I’m not faking my accent right now’ (laughs). I do like playing (changes accent) an Englishman. Something I can almost hide behind, and it does give me more of a character to get into.

MP: Do you feel that now you’ve got this role as John Gilbert who is American and not English, that this could help open up more doors for you to get those American character roles?

DA: I hope so, I hope I am establishing myself as an American actor. It is fun though, I love it. It does really versify my cannon of work.

MP: Are you just working on the show right now?

DA: Yeah just the show, but hopefully during the summer I can do a movie or something while the show is on its break.

MP: Are you thinking about possibly perusing roles where you do get to be the good guy? Or are you loving being the bad guy?

DA: (laughs) Oh I’d love to be the good guy.

MP: Bad guys sometimes tend to have to more appeal though.

DA: Yeah you know I think everybody has a dark side, and it’s fun to tap into that.

MP: Offered that hero role, you’d take it?

DA: Sure, you know I’d love to do comedies too. But you know playing the villain or bad guy those characters have led me down this road and I am happy, it has been fun. I’m like in the villain part of my career (laughs).

MP: There you go, you might find yourself doing some different roles.

DA: Yeah, well it’s like the guy who play the protagonists want to play the antagonist and vice versa (laughs). But you know, I’m not going to say no to work (laughs). It’s all good.

MP: Do the best that you can do.

DA: (laughs) Exactly, and I do my best and it’s so great.

MP: Looking back at everything you’ve done, playing so many different characters, which has stuck out to you the most?

DA: Yes Stark on ALIAS. That was my favourite, it was my first big role too.

MP: Sentimental favourite?

DA: (laughs) Yeah that really is a sentimental favourite, but still it was the best. He was a cool character to play, it was different every episode. Like where in The Vampire Diaries it can be the same sort of thing, saying the same things over and over ‘Vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires’ which is fine (laughs) but I do like when it changes up which is what ALIAS and Stark did from episode to episode. But yeah at the same time Vampire Diaries does throw me some curve balls.DavidAnders3

MP: Well yeah, fingers cut off, got a daughter, those are definite curve balls.

DA: (laughs) I know right? Yeah that was all very surprising. Nina and I called each other when we found out and were just like ‘WHAT?’ (laughs).

MP: Keeps the show interesting.

DA: (laughs) Yeah it does, it’s great I love it.

MP: Thank you so much for having a chat to us David.

DA: Appreciate, it was a pleasure meeting you.

A big thanks to David for his time, he was a lot of fun to chat to and he made Armageddon a great show along with the rest of the guests. We all certainly had a lot of fun watching through-out the weekend as Patricia Tallman put her artistic skills to good use and made a collage using his guest poster. In turn, David decided to do the same to Patricia, Laura’s and Lance’s posters.


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