Super Podcast Special Edition – Rena Riffel Interview (Showgirls & Trasharella)

Download HERE [Running Time: 00:38:55m]
Welcome to a very special edition of Super Podcast, not only does the podcast have it’s very first female guest, this guest is an actress, writer, producer and director! The lovely Rena Riffel joins the podcast, best known as playing Penny/Hope from Showgirls, Rena has branched out recently and made her own film Trasharella. She is currently working on her own true sequel to Showgirls, titled Showgirl.

Highights include:
  • I welcome Rena to the show, we quickly discuss our weather differences and her brother says hi!
  • Rena chats about Trasharella, and how much it has changed since the early days.
  • We talk Showgirl, and how far along the film is, what the influences are.
  • Of course we get right into Showgirls, nudity, Goddess, Al and bluray.
  • Will I make it to LA one day? Will Rena make it to Australia one day? Hopefully!
  • And much, much more!

I would like to send big thank yous to Rena for taking the time out to join the podcast, it was a blast! I had so much fun, and she is a fantastic woman! To keep update to date with what Rena is up to you can check out her Blog, Showgirl Official Website and Showgirl FB Fan Page. Hopefully in a few months Rena will be able to come back on the show and give us some more updates with Showgirl ect … again it was a real pleasure to have her on the show, enjoy!
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7 thoughts on “Super Podcast Special Edition – Rena Riffel Interview (Showgirls & Trasharella)

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  2. Great interview Marcey. Light and fun, but you did also get some really interesting thoughts and questions into the discussion. Rena sounded really nice (though I remain steadfast in saying that Showgirl looks like total shit).


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