Showgirl – Updates

As you would have no doubt noticed by now, I am a massive Showgirls fan. Last year I became friends with an awesome lady Rena Riffel who played the role of Penny/Hope in the film. Rena is now working on her own Showgirls sequel Showgirl! I have reported about this on the site before and Rena was nice enough to guest on the Super Podcast and discuss project which you can listen to here. Since then progress has been made on the film, Rena was running a fund raising through Kickstarter and reached the goal before the target date!
Rena has been kind enough to let the backers know how things have been going and she has allowed me to share that with you as well.
First major update – “Filming the first 4 days went great!!! And we are up on imdb, too” – Rena
Personally I am so happy to hear that, independent film making is hard work, and it sounds like things are coming along really well. You can check out the imdb page here, and pass it along (spread the word).  As a fan of Showgirls and loving the Penny/Hope character, this sequel is pretty much everything I could want. I do believe Rena will do a great job, and make all of us fans happy. I am confident the final product in the end will do its job and that is to entertain!
I wish Rena and everyone involved the best of luck, and hopefully we’ll be able to get more updates as they happen!
| Official Showgirl Website | Official Showgirl Facebook Fan Page | Showgirl on IMDB |
Watch the teaser below!!

My fan made poster

Top Photo Credit – Official Showgirl Facebook Fan Page

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