Showgirl The Movie, the true Sequel to Showgirls

It is no secret and I am such a huge fan of the 1995 film Showgirls, my favourite guilty pleasure film, I think it is just excellent. 15 years on, we’ve been hearing about possible sequels, well there was one announced with the worst trailer I have ever seen, well ignore that one! The true sequel to Showgirls is called Showgirl The Movie, and it is bringing back the memorable character of Penny/Hope. Not only that but the lovely actress Rena Riffel who played Penny is playing her once again, she is also Directing the film (She’s directed a little gem called Trasharella), she wrote it and well you get the picture! Rena is doing it all for the true sequel to Showgirls, and I am excited!
Rena has released a teaser to the film, and she certainly is keeping with the theme and feel of the original.

Showgirl The Movie looks like it is going to be a heck of a good time, and I definitely want to get the word out there! Not only that, but you can show your support for the film, want to be involved with the Production? Well head on over to kickstarter and you can make a pledge for the film, and in return there are awesome gifts you can get! How cool is that?? I’ve made my pledge and any Showgirls fans should show their support as well.
Want to know more about the project you can check out the official website for Showgirl, and you can join the Facebook Fan Page.
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2 thoughts on “Showgirl The Movie, the true Sequel to Showgirls

  1. Christ on a bike, that looks awful. I mean, Showgirls is unmitigated shit, but at least it looks decent, thank to Paul Verhoeven. This looks like it was shot on shit cameras at Rena Riffel’s house.


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