Looking Back At Superman Returns

Superman Returns is on TV right now, and it is very much a love it or hate film. As a huge Superman fan, I remember how excited I was for this film. The anticipation I felt was just unreal, I probably hadn’t been that excited since Star Wars Ep 1. I think I drove everyone crazy just talking about the film, drooling over every poster, clip, trailer, photos ect. I remember the thread over at Empire in Coming Soon was like over 23 pages, posting with members who have since dropped away. I remember at all the forums I frequented I had Superman Avatars and Signatures. I even grabbed a cup from Hungry Jacks, and was tempted to buy action figures.

I think I was ready to burst out of my skin waiting in line to see it on opening day. I got goosebumps as soon as that familiar theme set in. It was such a great feeling, and I had a blast watching the film on the big screen. It was really beautiful to see Superman on the cinema screen, and with a great director who I was already a fan of Bryan Singer bringing him back I couldn’t have been happier.

I do really love the film, and watching it again as I type this is just a reminder of that. What I thought really worked, well Bryan Singer for the most part did a great job, I really think he wanted to give these characters hearts and souls, dig a bit more deeper than the usual. You could see how much this meant to him, which I think helped the film. Brandon Routh is an amazingly handsome man, he looked perfect for the roles of Superman and Clark Kent. He had big shoes to fill, for me Christopher Reeve was nothing short of perfect. Routh I felt played Clark Kent perfectly, I really loved him. I thought he made a great Superman but I felt he did struggle at times, but I don’t think I’d want anyone else in the role. I loved Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, he brought in something very different than Gene Hackman did (I think he’ll always be my fav, followed by Michael Rosenbaum as a younger version in Smallville), but it worked. He is a fantastic actor and I felt he enjoyed his role and he brought his A game. Frank Langella can play anything, Skeletor or Richard Nixon so why not Perry White? He was great, I was so happy when he was cast. I think Lane Smith from Lois & Clark might be my favourite Perry but I think Langella comes close, I only wish we got more of him. Sam Huntington was just an adorable Jimmy, loved him and he had great chemistry with Routh. For the most part I actually quite enjoyed the story and I thought it had some excellent action sequences, Superman ‘catching’ the plane which is on now is so well done, I remember being on the edge of my seat at the cinema.

The down side to this film was the casting of Lois Lane. Kate Bosworth was truly awful, talk about being all wrong for the role. The look just did not feel like Lois Lane at all, her acting leaves a lot to be desired. Margot Kidder was just so fantastic as Lois, she really made the best Lois. Kate seemed clueless, and where was the chemistry? She had none with James Marsden (he was fine, I’ve always been a fan) and she had none with Brandon Routh. So their romance stuff for me really fell flat, it was like why is he hung up on her for? Where as Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder had amazing chemistry and the way she portrayed Lois you could see why he falls for her. Which then leads to the addition of the kid, I was fine with Lois being a Mum at first but the revelation of who the father is was just terrible. It really did not fit at all and again with the zero chemistry between those two it just really didn’t work. Far too silly for my liking, and it would have been better without that.

Despite those elements I still love the film, the good definitely out weighs the bad. I love Superman and Bryan Singer gave us something great. There is so much potential when it comes to Superman and I wish we got his sequel. I highly doubt anything is going to the original 1978 film, but Singer tried to make his own while still keeping the spirit of that film alive. I would love to see a new film, but who knows if that will happen.

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