Halloween II (2009)

I am a fan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel, that was until it was released and it got terrible reviews and hardly anyone seemed to like it at all. I had to wonder where could it have gone wrong? The trailers looks extremely promising, and Rob Zombie in my opinion has shown himself a very capable and interesting director (I am a big fan of House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects). I finally sat down to watch this film, and I have to say my reaction after seeing it was ‘Rob Zombie just took a giant poop all over me’.
You are probably wondering, now why was that my reaction? Well after the first film, and the direction he took with this, I just felt as a fan he slapped me across the face, I felt insulted. Most of the things I really loved about the first film were just washed away with this. It started off very promising, it starts off right after the first one ended with a nice homage to the original Halloween 2 sequel with the hospital setting. Now I watched the Director’s Cut and in this version it skips ahead two years later rather then just one. Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) is a mess, living with Annie Brackett (Danielle Harris) and her father Sheriff Brackett (Brad Dourif). Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) is alive and has been living like a hobo and killing people. Dr Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) has written a book and he has become a real jerk off. Since Halloween is approaching, and Laurie is loosing it, Michael decides to return and kill. Oh did I mention Michael sees his dead mother (Sherri Moon Zombie) in white with a white horse in strange visions and so does Laurie, and it make no sense.
To say it plain and simple I felt this was mostly a complete mess. The visions I felt were so unnecessary, I mean we know Michael is not a sane person, we went over all of that in the first one and adding this white horse and mother stuff was just silly and a dumb reason to bring Sherri back. Note to Rob, you do not have to have your wife in all of your films! Laurie was a completely different character, yes she has been through something terrible, but it apparently made her an extremely unlikeable twat! All I wanted to do was slap her non stop every time she was on. She was annoying, stupid and just a plain old pain in the back side. Sure they tried to explain it with therapy sessions, but her therapist seemed a bit on the idiotic side (although a nice cameo by Margot Kidder). And as it went on it just got worse and worse, and while I didn’t mind in the end how they handled her character I thought the dumb visions were really not needed. We have Dr Loomis, possibly one of my favourite things from the first one, now he is just a big jerk and like Laurie so unlikable you just want to slap him around and punch him in the face. Why was it neccessary to make these characters unlikable? You need to like them, but you don’t and it makes the film that much worse.
There were some decent elements, the Brackett’s for one. Annie and her father are really the only likable characters, and they are fleshed out more in the film. You do care for them and to see how Laurie treats them you just want to again slap the little bitch. Both Danielle Harris and Brad Dourif give the best performances in the film, and you do really feel for everything they go through. I would have enjoyed a film just based on them vs. Michael. Tyler Mane again does a really good job as Michael, Michael is a brutal character, even more so in this film I thought. I had no problems with the hobo look, it made sense to me. The mask after years has withered and that too made sense, it wasn’t going to stay perfect was it? One thing Zombie knows how to do is raw brutality, and he does that well here. We get some really nasty kills, very sadistic and brutal kills. He at least has the balls to do that, and I do applaud him for doing that. However next time Mr. Zombie please do not insult me, I don’t like getting pooped on dude.

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