Super Podcast Ep 24 – Films Everyone Hates But We Like w/Bede, Pat and Mike

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:15:04m]

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Super Podcast, this edition I am joined by my unofficial co-host Bede Jermyn (Terror Australis/Terrible Australian), Pat Torfe (AITH DVD Pub Critic) and popping his Super Podcast cherry Mike Catalano (AITH DVD Pub Critic). We discuss the subject of films which we really like but everyone else seems to hate, we picked three films each and we agreed and disagreed on choices.

Highlights Include:

  • We are all in agreement that we like Bede’s first pick.
  • We basically give Pat a hard time over his first pick, however we then in turn do the same to Bede over his second.
  • The first picks from Mike and I are related since I picked the remake and he picked the sequel.
  • Comic book films come up a bit in the discussion, we don’t all agree.
  • One of my picks reveals my Kurt Russell obsession, which leads to some bad impersonations.
  • Mike has a holiday themed pick, but hey it has hot chicks in it!
  • And much, much more!
It was so much fun doing this podcast, I want to thank my three guests for joining me! If you want to drop Mike a line you can email him here, you can find me on Twitter @SuperMarcey, Bede @BedeJermyn and Pat @PatTorfe. If you have any suggestions or feedback or anything like that you can email me directly at

4 thoughts on “Super Podcast Ep 24 – Films Everyone Hates But We Like w/Bede, Pat and Mike

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  3. Great show Marcey. I also think Thomas Jane’s Punisher is GREAT. I thought the movie was really well done. I noticed for the first time how Kevin Nash is a really big dude! LOL

    Sorry Rob Zombie shit in your mouth…lol


    • Hey thanks man! I am sorry Rob Zombie felt the need to shit on me too :p

      Always appreciate the feedback and thanks for tuning in :)) always good to have another Punisher fan around!


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