Why I really liked Friday the 13th remake

So I need to come clean, I really do. I have to admit the real reason why I didn’t mind the Friday the 13th remake. The film was average, they didn’t really add anything in the way of inventive kills or anything. However the film delivered on one thing which is a basic requirement of ‘slasher’ films, and that folks is boobs. Yes I liked this film because of boobs, and these just aren’t any boobs. Specifically the boobs of one amazing hottie Julianna Guill. I have no idea where this woman has been all my life, but hot damn she is one perfectly made woman. I think my jaw dropped when that top came off, and those fun bags were revealed. Seriously how could anyone not want to spend a week and play with those? I would call her mesmerizing, easily one of the hotties ladies I have seen on screen for a long time and her nude scenes in the film are amongst the best I have seen. You know there is something special when you actually go and buy a DVD because of boobs. Julianna Guill, I salute you and your amazing rack, thank you!

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