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DVD Review: Here I Am [M15]

Dir: Beck Cole Cast: Shai Pittman, Marcia Langston, Bruce Carter, Quinaiha Scott, Pauline Wyman. The Film: It’s no secret that I am a fan of Australian films. If you had read my writings over at the Recommendation section of this website, you have seen myself write a couple of times how much I am big … Continue reading

Garrett Collins’ Top 5 Christmas Movies

5) One Magic Christmas Call it nostalgia. Call it cheesy. Call it not very man-like: I like this sappy piece of Christmas syrup, which was made in 1985. Worth it just to see Harry Dean Stanton play an angel, this movie has Mary Steenburgen playing a mother who just lacks the Christmas spirit, and harmonica … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Best Genre Mash-Ups

Movies produced through the studio system adhere to set formulas which are split into genres. Occasionally a studio head would pour too much cocaine down their windpipe and get the notion that grabbing two genres and rubbing them together will produce originality. More often than not they fail due to being a muddled mess of … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10 Over-Rated Movies

The popularity of movies can be driven by many things beside the entertainment value of the movie. Sometimes its the popularity of a star, sometimes it captures a trend at the time and sometimes it befuddles the audience with new technology or a smart marketing campaign. Whilst many movies deserve their acclaim, some movies just … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Tracking Shots

Anyone who has attempting to complex tracking shot can tell you that it is one of the trickiest and rewarding feats in film-making. Balancing both technical, performance and logistical factors, a good tracking shot needs to be meticulously planned and rehearsed. The invention of the steady cam has made a substantial difference, allowing film-makers to … Continue reading